Lust Sessions

Written by Edward Gorsuch and April White and directed by Dante Giove, this 2008 from Mainline Releasing is one of those later softcore films that attempts to craft a serious story in between the explicit sex scenes, and show off the acting abilities of the cast. To the latter end, they cast Amy Lindsay as the star, and that’s a good choice as she was always one of the better actresses in the softcore genre. Unfortunately, I can’t say that the script lives up to the potential. I’m guessing that budget was a problem, as they don’t appear to have much as evidenced by the small cast and few shooting locations.

The premise is that Amy plays Kate, a Love Coach. And although she’s great at telling others how to improve their love lives and relationships, she’s in a relationship with a man named Brian (Justin Magnum) but he wants to get serious and have her move in with him but she’s afraid of making that commitment for some reason.

Meanwhile, her two clients (the only two we see in this film) are Carrie and Ann, played by Jezebel Bond and Cassie Young. Carrie’s problem is something about giving up the need to always be in control in her relationships, I think. It’s not really clear. The film opens with her having sex with some unnamed man (played by Eddie Jay), and when they’re done it turns out that the scene was actually a videotape of the encounter, which Kate and Carrie just finished watching in Kate’s office. It’s not clear how this is necessary to help Carrie, but apparently it does. We don’t see her much for the rest of the film. Ann’s problem is that she’s been dating a married man named Drake (Danny Pape) under the belief that he was planning to leave his wife. Thanks to Kate she was finally given the emotional strength to break it off with him.

And then there’s Katrina Isis as Jenna, who is not one of Kate’s clients, she’s just one of her friends, but I’m not sure why that distinction was made for this film as her interactions with Kate are all talking about her relationship with a new guy named Nick (Roger Stanford) whom she’s happy with but he problem is fear that something will go wrong, which is why she’s hesitant to introduce Nick to Kate or any of her other friends or family.

After Ann dumps him, Drake shows up and introduces himself to Kate (but Ann never told her his name, so she doesn’t make the connection) and ends up rather easily seducing her. Then he reveals his identity afterward and brags about it. And I think there’s an implied threat about using this info against her to hurt her profession and her own relationship. So now what does Kate do?!?

Okay, I won’t spoil the ending. Except to say that it’s kinda lame. Thankfully, the film is saved by the 8 sex scenes, all of which are b/g. In addition to the aforementioned opening scene between Jezebel Bond and Eddie Jay, Amy Lindsay has three scenes, one with Pape and two with Magnum, while Cassie Young has two scenes with Pape and Katrina Isis has two scenes with Roger Stanford). Despite the repetitive couplings, each scene is hot. Bond, Young and Magnum all have experience in hardcore adult films and it shows here, as all the scenes look very realistic.

Chacebook rating: THREE STARS

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