Mitchell Lourens Needs Money!

For the record, let me just state that I have no problem freely sharing these pictures and information as he posted it online himself, and all of what I post here is publicly available.

I swear, whenever I start to think that I’ve seen everything, and there’s nothing anyone could do that would surprise me, something like this comes along.

Earlier today I was browsing reddit and came across a post, which has now since been deleted, in the Relationship Advice forum. It was posted by a user named theblakmessiah, and it titled: 14,000 in debt from a leach of a woman and this was the post:

The last 6 months of my life I’ve been with a leach of a girlfriend not having much experience with girls I just kind of let it happen I’ve gotten my self into 14,000 dollars in debt and I’m drowning! Well at least it feels that way! So any one out there want to throw me a dollar or two send it right here:


Also I’ve dumped the leach!

Assuming that he eventually comes to his senses, and shuts that GoFundMe page down thereby rendering the link inoperative, I’ve taken a couple of screenshots of the page, so you can see for yourself:

He also includes the details of his various debts, which includes a bank loan of $7628.80, one credit card which has a $2871.66 balance and another credit card which has a balance of $2965.90, making his total actually $13,466.36

So through that he reveals his real name, Mitchell Lourens. I’ve found him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Google+

And, for record, I will also say that I was able to identify his ex-girlfriend, the alleged “leach”, on Twitter (where both she and him are still following each other) and Instagram, she has pictures of them together on both and has several posts about the breakup, but since he has not publicly identified her, I will leave her out of it. Plus I don’t see how she’s responsible in any way for this. No matter what he says about her, he’s the one who made the choice every step of the way to spend that money that he didn’t have.

But, seriously, can you believe this shit?!? He is a 23 year old man who, according to his FB page, works at a grocery store. And yet within a period of six months he ran up almost $14,000 of debt, because of some girl. And now he’s mad and blames her, calling her a leach. So not only does he not take responsibility for choosing to spend money that he did not have, now he actually thinks it’s logical to ask strangers to get him out of debt. And why? Because it will take two years for him to pay it off himself (and, frankly, unless he’s expecting a rich relative to die, and factoring in the interest he’s going to be charge on those cards, I’m guessing it’s going to take a lot longer than two years to pay that off), which means, according to him “no going [out] and having fun!”

OH, THE HORROR! This poor guy will actually have to work hard and learn to save and properly manage his money. That requires making better choices and sacrificing. Think of all the FUN he’s going to miss! Come on, people, we have to help him!!!!



I especially love that last line. “Being 23 these are my last 2 years of being free before life gets serious!”

I don’t know where he came up with the arbitrary age of 25 as being when he needs to get serious but, sorry kiddo, you need to get serious right now.

I wonder if I could categorize his attitude as hubris, or is it a form of White privilege, which makes him think he deserved to be bailed out like this? He’s probably honestly shocked that, as of now, his page has been up for 8 hours and no one has donated any money to his noble cause.

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  1. Lol okay welll ill be the one to set the record straight……I’m the leech of a girlfriend and this Post is in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM REAL his face book was hacked….and whoever posted this needs to get a fucking life. Like hownlow can you be to get a hype off this and to chance learn your shit he isnt 25 and stop tryna be cool getting posts on Facebook you’re just as low as the next.


    • So you’re saying that someone set up a fake GoFundMe page under his name, with his picture, and then apparently hacked his Reddit account so they could post the link there?

      Yeah, right.

      Look, like I said I left you out of this because I don’t blame you for his screw ups. And I know you were hurt by this, if you’re trying to win him back, that’s you’re business, but you don’t need to defend him.


      • I’m not trying to win him back in any way shape or form. But this my friend is highly inappropriate . yes someone did make up a fake account. He doesn’t even have Reddit. Lol. His Facebook was hacked and this is how his personal shit was taken. Trust me, I know him and I know he would NOT ask complete strangers for help. Get a grip on reality. Anything is possible in today’s society and yea I am going to defend him. I gave him my life for 7 months, regardless he’s still someone I care about and having this shit on there. Anyone can get a picture especially if it is his profile picture. Like you just claimed it’s all on his Facebook
        I don’t really care you wrote this but I will say when I find out who posted this shit they’re going to regret it


      • Listen, I’m old enough to be your father. I know what I’m doing here. Again, the fact that I left you out of this post should show that I’m not trying to put people on blast for no reason. I would not have posted this unless I was 100% certain of it’s validity. I am on Reddit, and I happened to catch that original post before it was deleted, and I thought it was so outrageous in its audacity that I thought it was worth writing about. But I did my research first.

        I looked up that Reddit account (which has now been deleted, along with the GoFundMe page), it had been active for 2 years. Skimming through the posts, both submissions and comments, the person involved had over the years posted many identifying characteristics, such as living in Canada, his time spent in Australia, his love of certain country music artists, his job and, yes, his relationship with you. Then I looked at his Facebook profile (no hacking needed, since it’s mostly public), and I can see all those things verified. It’s even the same writing style (bad grammar, mis-spelling, use of the phrase “that escalated quickly”).

        Finding your profiles also helped, and it was clear that you where whom he was talking about. On Reddit he wrote about dating a new girl back in August, right around the time you started posting pictures with him on Instagram and Twitter. He talked about getting ready to dump “her” last month, right when you started posted about your relationship with him being over on Twitter. There is no doubt, “theblakmessiah” was HIM. And that’s the Reddit account that posted the link about the GoFundMe page. So if you want to believe that someone else has been impersonating him on Reddit for the past 2 YEARS, I don’t know what to say.

        And then there’s the fact that setting up a GoFundMe page has certain rules which require identification. Including a bank account under your name, in order to receive any donations. So, someone else created a bank account under his name so they could create that page? Or they “hacked” his information to get his bank account? That isn’t just some game, that’s identity fraud. You can go to jail for that. All for what? What purpose? Ultimately, the link was only posted on Reddit for a few hours before he deleted it.

        Seriously, think about it. Your theory simply doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.


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