Voyeur’s Deviant Sins

Okay, I know I’ve been posting a lot of other reviews lately, but I don’t want my fellow softcore fans to think I’m overlooking them, so let’s get this blog back to its roots, so to speak, today. This 2010 film from Mainline Releasing/MRG Entertainment is directed by Ed Kelley but no writer is listed in the credits. This isn’t so unusual as this film is basically another compilation film, or what I’ve come to call a softcore greatest hits film, where a studio takes a bunch of sex scenes from previously recorded films, and puts them together with a few newly shot scenes to make a “new movie.” Usually, the new scenes are in the form of a simplistic framing device, like a group of friends getting together for dinner and sitting around talking about the sex lives of other people they know, and that’s where the old sex scenes are used as flashbacks, so there isn’t that much “writing” down, but this film is a little more detailed, albeit not very realistic, so I’m surprised at the lack of a credited screenwriter.

Mia Presley and Jarod Diamond star as Shanna and Paul, who live together in a large house out in the hills somewhere. The film opens with them having sex in their bedroom one night, and there’s the sense that someone is watching them. The sex is hot but then halfway through the camera shoots from the perspective of whoever is watching them and zooms in on Shanna’s face, and she gets even more excited and takes over. Paul had been on top, but then she flips over and gets on top of him, and appears to be in ecstasy as they finish having sex.

The next morning, Paul is happy but tired. Shanna is still horny and wants to get busy again, but Paul tells her they don’t have time and that she needs to get ready for the friends who are staying with them for the weekend to arrive. Those friends are Leslie, David, and Anna (Allison Pierce, Sean Juergens, and Isabella Sky). When those three arrive, Paul greets them and brings them inside where they all sit down on couches in the living room. Shanna is in the bedroom mastubating. When she finishes she comes down and is still acting aggressively frisky towards Paul, talking about how hot she feels, then says she wants a cold beer. When Paul points out that it’s 11am, she says “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!” and takes Anna into the kitchen with her. Even David and Leslie have noticed that Shanna’s acting a bit strange and question David about it, but he says he doesn’t know what’s gotten into her.

In the kitchen, Shanna is a bit flirtatious with Anna, and when she grabs her hand, Anna starts feeling warm. Paul comes in and Anna goes to sit outside, and Paul takes Shanna back to the living room to join him and Leslie, where suddenly she’s feeling cold and needs to wrap herself in a blanket. Leslie confides that she feels like David has gotten bored with her lately and worries this could be trouble for their relationship.

It turns out Leslie is more aware than she realized, as David had gone out back and joined Anna in a gazebo. Anna starts flirting with him and after some brief reluctance he gives in, and they have sex right there. Afterward, he’s immediately racked with guilt about what they did, although Anna is perfectly content. David goes to confess to Leslie, she confronts Anna and is surprised by her blase’ response, and this is when Leslie goes to Shanna saying she’s seen this happen to another friend before and believes that a succubus had possessed Shanna, and then left her to possess Anna. Shanna accepts this batshit theory immediately. Leslie then reveals her plan to defeat the succubus, she’s going to come on to Anna, proposing a threesome with her and David, so the succubus will jump from Anna to her, and then when that happens she wants Shanna and the others to get her into a bathtub, because a hot bath will destroy the succubus.

I won’t “spoil” the rest, but there’s your story. It’s silly but, to their credit, all of the actors play it straight and give good performances. While Mia Presley isn’t really my type physically, I’d come to appreciate her acting skills in Life On Top season 1, which she’d finished a year before this film. She would stop acting just a couple of years later, but I think she had the talent to be a major softcore star. With this cast, we get 3 new sex scenes, Mia Presley and Jarod Diamond, Sean Jeurgens and Isabella sky, and a threesome with Sean Juergens, Isabella Sky, and Allison Pierce. Plus a solo masturbation scene with Mia Presley.

And we also get 13 scenes from previous movies, some of which I recognize.
From the film Kinky Pleasures we get Beverly Lynne and Massimo Avidano, Beverly Lynne with Dee, Julia Kruis and Massimo Avidano, Brooke Hunter with Tony Tedeschi, and Beverly Lynne in a solo striptease scene. That’s the only movie I’ve seen here.
There’s a man who looks familiar but I don’t recognize his name in two scenes, one with Chloe and one with Joelean.
Dru Berrymore in a scene with Eddie Jaye.
A threesome scene with Dee, Jezebel Bond, and Tony Tedeschi.
Syren is in a solo masturbation scene and a lesbian scene with Summer Fields. And then there are two split-scenes with both ladies, one where Syren has sex with Chris Evans while Summer has sex with Barrett Blade, and then a scene where each woman changes partners.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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