Incredibelle: Galactic Delights One-Shot #2

I thoroughly enjoyed the first Incredibelle one-shot from Pixie Trix Comix, so I’ve eagerly gotten this second comic, which serves as a sequel to it and to the Nightgale one-shot, which I also loved.

This issue contains two stories, both written by David Lumsdon. The main story is 22 pages, and it starts at Nightgale’s mansion, where we see that she still has the “reformed” supervillains Scorched and Icykill working for her as her servants (and they’re still unaware that she’s billionaire Tiffany Williams). Nightgale gets a call from Incredibelle, saying she has a mission that requires Icykill’s presence. Incredibelle is working with The Space Patrol, an intergalactic law enforcement agency made up of various aliens. The patrol is transporting an alien duchess to another planet to sign an important peace treaty, but terrorists are trying to assassinate her. This duchess just so happens to look just like Icykill, so they want Icykill to join the trip as a decoy. Icykill agrees when she realizes that she gets to travel in extreme luxury. Incredibelle plans to stay undercover to guard Icykill, and so Nightgale insists on coming along, living Scorched on Earth.

So Icykill is placed in the duchess’ luxurious suite on the spaceship, and Incredibelle and Nightgale are dressed in what looks like old Harem-girl outfits and are forced to act as her servants. Resentful of the way Nightgal bosses her around at home, Icykill relishes in the chance to make Nightgale work for her. At one point the two superheroes go off to relax in a hot tub, and this is when we learn that they have some kind of romantic history that ended due to the death of someone they knew. Not all the details are filled in here, but it’s clear that Incredibelle wants to rekindle their relationship and they begin making out. Unfortunately for them, during this time, a bunch of female alien assassins attack Icykill in her suite. I won’t spoil the rest, but it’s an exciting action-packed story, which I think fans of both characters will love.

The second story is short, 5 pages, and it’s called SHIP SHAPELY. This focuses on Jayce Jaleco, a young human cadet who has joined the Space Patrol and arrives for his first day of service on The Crushing Victory, a new ship. Jayce has some kind of history with the Ultraluminals (the superhero team that Incredibelle is a member of) and has joined the Patrol primarily for the chance to score with some hot alien babes. But his experience on the ship isn’t what he expected. This story also has some tie-ins to the first Incredibelle one-shot, and it’s a character I’d be interested in reading more about.

Fernando Ruiz draws the main story, once again doing a stellar job. And Jason Waltrip draws the short story, and he has a similar style which also looks great. I’ll stress again that this book, like all Pixie Trix comics I’ve read so far, has cheesecake art with implied nudity, but nothing explicit. This is another great product from Pixie Trix Comix. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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