Redhead Tales 3

Here’s the third issue of the erotic anthology series, Redhead Tales, of which each issue features two new 12-page stories written and drawn by Joe Pekar.

REINTRODUCING BRANDI BARE is a curious story to me because Brandi Bare is a character that Pekar created with Jeff Outlaw, and he published a 4-issue series called Brandi Bare: First Semester, about this redheaded girl named Brandi and her adventures attending college for the first time, which Outlaw co-wrote, back in 2010. I bought them all, and still have them on my Kindle, but the issues are no longer available for purchase on Amazon. I see that in 2014 Outlaw wrote a prose novel set in the Bandi Bare “universe,” but I’m not sure why the comics were taken off?

Well, this story doesn’t have any involvement from Outlaw, although he’s still credited as the co-creator of the character. Brandi is still in college, but only taking one class. She’s working as a housemaid and is now living off-campus in an apartment that she shares with 3 of her friends from college. There’s Dylan, the goth chick (and the subject of Outlaw’s novel, which I’ll probably get eventually), Rosie, a K-pop fanatic and open lesbian, and Xian, a freaky Asian girl who runs an x-rated webcam site out of her room. The plot of this story is that the girls are planning a “Girls’ Night Out” that night, and Brandi is excited because Dylan has agreed to come with them, which is something she never does. And we learn that Dylan has developed a secret crush on Brandi, which she doesn’t understand because Brandi is not her type.

Brandi arrives home that evening, having had to work late. The girls’ are already dressed and waiting for her. Brandi insists that she’s still looking forward to going out, but it’s obvious she’s exhausted due to working extra hard that day. Xian helps Brandi get underdressed to take a shower…and then joins her in it. The girls decide to just stay in and have drinks and watch TV. It ends with Brandi passing out on the couch in Dylan’s arms.

Not much of a “story” here, but I guess it serves the point of introducing the characters to the readers who don’t know of the previous Brandi Bare series, and now we’ll have to see where Pekar takes them next.

MY GIRLFRIEND, THE SUPERHERO is the continuation of the story from the previous issue. First, it flashes back a few mounts, where Dani is helping Summer figure out her superpowers and come up with her superhero name, Dawnlight. They do this while in bed together at Dani’s place. When Dani’s mother comes up unexpectedly, Summer hides under the covers so that her mother doesn’t see her.

Then it jumps back to the present day, where the first adventure left off. Dani recognizes that Ms. Amorous, the supervillain who robbed a bank, is actually her mother. Hoping on her skateboard, she rushes to the scene of the crime and confronts both women, revealing everyone’s identities to each other. Once all the secrets are out, who does she side with, her supervillain mother or her superhero girlfriend? I won’t spoil that decision.

This is a more dramatic story, with some surprising implications going forward.

But, of course, the biggest appeal of these comics is the cheesecake art and gratuitous female nudity!

There’s plenty of that here, it opens with Brandi in the shower, Dylan and Xian both have see-through tops on when we first see them. And, as noted, Xian and Brandi end up in the shower together later in the story. When the superhero story opens, Summer is topless and Dani is bottomless when they’re in bed together. And Dani’s mother has a see-through top in her supervillain costume. As usual, it’s hot stuff!

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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