Redhead Tales Issue 2

Today I’m reviewing the second issue of Redhead Tales, the anthology comic-book series from creator/writer/artist Joe Pekar. Once again we have two separate 12-page stories.

MY GIRLFRIEND, THE SUPERHERO features a young (redheaded) woman named Dani. She’s a college student living at home with her single mother. For the past few months, Dani has been dating a girl named Summer, who also goes to her college, and is just head over heels in love with her. Dani’s mother is aware and apparently cool with her daughter’s sexuality, although Dani is reluctant to introduce her mother to Summer for some reason. Dani’s big secret is that Summer is secretly a superhero called Dawnlight, who debuted in public recently and has been getting a lot of positive press online. Dani meets up with Summer and another friend on campus, but when an emergency pops up, Dani helps Summer sneak off and change into her costume, and then sends her off with encouraging words and a kiss. Then Dani gets online to watch a live stream as Dawnlight confronts a female supervillain who just robbed a bank. This is apparently the first supervillain Dawnlight has ever encountered, so Dani is a little worried for her, fearing that she’s outmatched, but then there’s a surprising plot twist I won’t spoil which ends this story on a cliffhanger.

DUNGEON’S MISFORTUNES brings back our redheaded fantasy heroine Candie from the first issue. Candie gets hired by a sexy female orc to go on a mission to retrieve a single strand of hair from a witch in exchange for some gold coins. Armed with her book of magic spells, Candie thinks this should be a simple task. Traveling into the forest, Candie finds the witch’s lair and is surprised that the witch is a sexy purple-skinned woman with pointy elf ears. But it turns out that the witch doesn’t like being disturbed, and she’s also a cannibal, whose magic is much stronger than the spells in Candie’s book. So the next thing Candie knows she’s tied up and cooking in a large pot. Once again she’ll need to use her wits to escape.

Two more fun stories. And both are NSFW as they each contain lots of totally unnecessary but extremely enjoyable female nudity & cheesecake art. Dani is in her bra and panties when the story begins, and her mother comes into her room fresh out of the shower totally naked. We also see Summer topless as she’s changing into her Dawnlight uniform. The female orc who hires Candie propositions her by showing off her large (and green) breasts. The witch is bathing in an underground lake naked when Candie finds her, and Candie is stripped naked when she’s tied up and put in the pot. Pekar’s art style lends itself perfectly to this type of content, and he’s a good enough writer that his stories don’t feel exploitative.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS



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