Redhead Tales : Issue 1

This issue has two 12-page stories, both written and drawn by Joe Pekar.

First up is Dungeon’s Misfortunes, which takes place in a fairytale magic fantasy setting. It stars an adventurous young redheaded woman named Candie, who is sneaking into a forbidden cave in search of a valuable serpent’s egg. All she is armed with is a book that’s full of magic spells, which she acquired from a local warlock, although she’s not quite versed in the use of magic yet. Deep in cave Candie comes across the Serpent Queen, who is quite literally a green humanoid snake-woman, who also has extra snakes in her hair, like Medusa. The Queen is asleep, so Candie tries to get one of her eggs and sneak out before she wakes up, but it doesn’t work. And soon Candie finds her wrapped in the snake-woman’s tail as the Serpent Queen prepares to eat her alive. Through her quick wits and some lucky magic, Candie manages to escape with her life and an egg.

Next up is Commander Claire (And Starra).

This story is science-fiction. It takes place in the future, set in deep space. Our lead character is a brunette (possibly Asian) woman named Starra, who works Commander Claire, a voluptuous redheaded woman. It’s explained the two women work for a company that handles repairs for space equipment, like satellites and beacons and such. Starra is Claire’s assistant, who monitor’s her progress from inside their little spaceship while Claire performs her repairs in space. For some time now Starra has harbored a huge crush on Claire, and has been trying to work up the courage to tell her but is afraid of rejection. She hopes to impress her by giving her a new space suit that she’s designed herself, which should make Claire’s job easier. She gets Claire to test out the suit and then accidentally ends up confessing her feelings. How does Commander Claire respond? I won’t spoil the ending, but you can probably guess that it’s a happy one.

These are two fun little stories that are entertaining. And Pekar’s art is very nice to look at. And lest I forget to mention the reason this is in my Erotic Comic-Books category: there’s a lot of female nudity included!

When Candie first lands in the Serpent Queen’s lair, her tops busts open. And then when she tries to use a magic spell to make herself invisible, she only succeeds in making her clothes disappear, living her completely naked. The Serpent Queen also has big breasts which are bare.

And the second story begins with Starra in her office naked, which is something she says she just likes to do while working in private. And the space suit she designed for Claire is both skintight and completely see-through, which means that Claire has to strip naked right in front of her to put it on.

Now, the nudity doesn’t necessarily add anything to the stories, they would be just as entertaining without it but, hey, why not? It’s hot stuff!

I highly recommend this book with a Chacebook rating of FIVE STARS



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