Incredibelle #1

Here’s another comic from independent publisher Pixie Trix Comix that I’m reviewing. If Nightgale is this publisher’s Batman, Incredibelle is their Superman.

Written by co-creator David Lumsdon, this issue quickly introduces us to the character and her world. Incredibelle, who has the standard “Superman-ish” powers of strength, speed, invulnerability, and flight (no apparent vision powers, though) is a member of a mostly-female team of superheroes called The Ultraluminals. The story begins with several of the team members relaxing in a spa in their headquarters as they recover from their latest adventure, battling some evil “lava men.” Then Incredibelle announces that she has to leave for a date.

Through dialog we learn that Incredibelle is both highly sexual and pansexual, she has a history of dating males and females of both humans and various extraterrestrial species, some of whom aren’t even humanoid. Her latest date is with Episilon-Delta, a sentient machine from another planet, whom she met during an Ultraluminals adventure in outer space.

Putting on a dress, Incredibelle meets Epsilon-Delton at a spot in the city and is surprised when they appear in the form of a female android. They explain that they altered their appearance to be more “aesthetically pleasing” to Incredibelle’s species, but they then realize that humans have more than one gender, but since Incredibelle likes men and women equally she assures her that it’s fine.

They go out to dinner and then some dancing, and Epsilon-Delta watches as Incredibelle thwarts a robbery. And then in search of a spot that would be “romantic” to a cybernetic being, Incredibelle takes Epsilon-Delta to the building of Tomorrow Tech, the firm that supplies the Ultraluminals with all of their equipment. But when they get there they encounter an evil sentient A.I. program who seduces Epsilon-Delta, takes over her body, and then takes control of the entire building and prepares to destroy Incredibelle and then spread into the entire world’s internet system where they’ll be unbeatable.

Can Incredibelle stop the A.I., save herself and her date? NO SPOILERS!

Lumsdon has written a fun, and exciting done-in-one story here. And Fernando Ruiz provides the art, which is done in the apparent “house style” of Pixie Trix, reminiscent of classic Archie Comics artists like Dan Parent. All the women in this comic are drawn to be sexy, without being exploitative. There’s some implied nudity, but nothing explicit. This comic is another winner from this publisher.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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