Nightgale #1: “Learning Curves”


Here’s a new comic that I just came across while searching through Comixology, it’s one of several cool-looking comics from a publisher called Pixie Trix Comix. This 28-page one-shot comic features a costumed vigilante who is basically an analog of Batman. Tiffany Winters is a billionaire playgirl who lives in a mansion with her butler, Gaston. At night she patrols the streets of Golgothica City, armed with various high-tech gadgets and her own fighting skills, as Nightgale.

This issue introduces two new female supervillains, Scorch (who has fire powers) and Icykill (who has ice powers), who call themselves Icy Hot. They try to rob a jewelry store in their first crime, but Nightgale arrives on the scene and, despite being overpowered, she makes short work of the criminals.  Nevertheless, before being arrested, the criminals do some good deeds, which prompts the mayor to volunteer them for his new supervillain rehabilitation program, and he enlists a reluctant Nightgale to help.

So, as Tiffany Winters, she hires the villains to work in her house as maids during the day, and as Nightgale she takes the villains out on patrol with her at night to help her fight crime. But can she trust them? Are they really interested in reforming or do they have ulterior motives, and can she keep them from discovering her secret identity? Read the comic to find out!

Writer David Lumsdon crafted an entertaining story here that’s humorous without being over-the-top slapsticky. Scorch and Icykill are a couple of loveable dimwits, while Tiffany/Nightgale is sincere but often exasperated by the craziness of the world she lives in. I particularly love her interactions with Gaston, who is written as the typical sarcastic butler trope. There’s also a funny recurring gag with people mispronouncing Tiffany’s superhero name as either “Nightingale” or “Nightgirl.”

I’ll admit I bought this thinking it was an erotic comic (Comixology rates it “15+”) but it’s really not, as there’s no nudity, swear words, or explicitly sexual situations (although Tiffany is revealed to be bisexual, and there are a few panels of the ladies in their underwear). And the fact that this doesn’t disappoint me proves how good it is.

The art is by Gisele Lagace, and she has a very clean style that’s reminiscent of the style of classic Archie Comics, which perfectly fits the tone of this story.  Lumsdon and Lagace are quite the creative team who seem to bring out the best in each other. If you’re looking for a fun story with gorgeous artwork, this comic is for you.

Chacebook rating; FIVE STARS


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