Cougar School

MRG Entertainment released this film in 2009, written by Ellis Walkerson and directed by Demitri Nessun. The film stars Michelle Maylene and Sydnee Steele, Michelle plays a spoiled young woman named Karen, and Sydnee plays her stepmother, who is never named in film. That’s right, never once does she or anyone else in the film ever refer to her character by name. She’s just “my/your stepmom” (even the credits simply list her character as “Karen’s stepmom”). And this fact should tell you something about the amount of thought that went into this screenplay.

The premise of the story is Karen’s stepmom comes home one day and tells her that Karen’s father has left her and is set to marry an ex-pornstar named Mammary Lane (Persia Pele). This will be happening in a month, which means that Karen and her stepmom will now be poor, because Mammary is a golddigger, a fact which is obvious to everyone except, apparently, Karen’s father. But this means that Karen’s father will no longer be supporter either her or her stepmom, and they’ll be forced to move out of the house that they’re living in, in a month. Karen’s never had to support herself before, stepmom decides to take her to “cougar college”, despite the fact that Karen protests that she’s too young to be a cougar, so no this doesn’t make sense. But stepmom’s plan is to teach her how to get a rich man to take care of her. So they go to a bar, where stepmom picks up a man who claims to own his own successful pool-cleaning business, and goes home with him.

At the bar Karen runs into her old friend Susan, who is working as the bartender (and is played by India Summer). The two ladies used to work together as counselors at Camp Crystal Lake years ago before Summer went off to travel the world with her friend Juan (Jarod Diamond), but now they’re back in town. Karen lets the two of them move into her house for the rest of the month, since they need a place to stay. Duriong this stay we learn that Karen and Summer had a fling together back at camp, and end up hooking up again. Karen finds out that the man she went home with wasn’t who he said he was, and comes back home dejected, and ends up hooking up with Juan, which makes Susan jealous although she initially denies it. Along the way there’s a subplot where Karen’s ex-boyfriend Zack (Brandon Ruckdashel) decides he needs to be rich to win Karen back, so he agrees to hire himself out to have sex with older women for money, and we see him hook up with a woman played by Michelle Lay ,who is also unnamed in the film (and only credited as “cougar”).

In the end (spoilers, I guess), Karen, stepmom, Susan, and Juan, conspire to set up Mammary and catch her cheating on Karen’s father (who is played by the legendary Randy Spears, and who’s character is also never named he’s just “Karen’s dad” in the credits), so that he’ll call off the engagement and reunite with stepmom and all is resolved.

The story itself is okay, it could have been better with some rewritting, but it didn’t fit the title at all. I was expecting a movie focusing on either older women being taught how to seduce younger men or younger men being taught how to seduce older women, but outside of the one scene with Ruckdashel and Michelle Lay, the “cougar” aspect was barely touched on. The tone was off as well, it seemed like the film couldn’t tell if it was supposed to be a drama or a comedy sometimes.

The film has 11 sex scenes. Michelle Maylene has 3, two with Brandon Ruckdashel and one with India Summer, who also has a sex scene with Jarod Diamond.
Sydnee Steele has 3, one with Randy Spears, one with Jarod Diamond, and one with Mike Vogel (no not that Mike Vogel), who played the guy she picked up at the bar.
Persie Pele has 3, one with Randy Spears,  one with Tony DeSergio (who plays an unnamed pornstar that we see her having sex with), and one with Jarod Diamond. And there’s the scene with Michelle Lay and Brandon Ruckdashel.

The scenes are all hot enough, all of the women in the film were hardcore pornstars, so they’re good at making the sex look realistic. But, only the Maylene/India lesbian scene really stood out to me. I can only give this film a Chacebook rating of THREE STARS

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  1. Dang a softcore film with more than 1 or 2 hardcore actors.

    That shows in both the acting and sex scenes.

    Randy Spears is a decent convincing actor.
    Him being upset was believable.

    Michelle Lay I think was the best sexually.
    This might be the scene that Brandon said Lay teased him/gave him an erection.

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