After The Prom

Torchlight Pictures released this film in 2007, its “written” and directed by Francis Locke. I put the former word in quotes because this is barely any story here, I wouldn’t even be shocked if there wasn’t any actual script for this film. I could believe that Locke simply got a bunch of actors on set, gave them some brieft instuctions of what to say or do (most didn’t have have any dialog anyway) and then yelled ACTION! and started filming.

The basic premise is that Tabitha Stevens is sitting alone on the phone, talking to someone about their upcoming 10 year high school reunion, and Tabitha is telling the person about a bunch of sex that happened between various couples (and trios) after their high school prom, and we see these sex scenes in flashbacks.

Now, as far as plots go, that’s actually not a bad set-up for a softcore film. The problem is the lack of detail put into it. Well, that and the fact that none of the actors look young enough to be high school students, as most are supposed to be in these flashbacks. The film also doesn’t name most of the characters, and there are no cast credits, so I’m not even sure who some of the actors are, I was only able to match the names that are on that film poster image above.

So altogether we get 7 scenes. Two scenes feature a woman who appears to be Black, or maybe Latina. She attractive and probably the only one who could realistically portray a high school student. She’s with the same man in each scene, the first one is supposed to be them in a motel after they went to prom together. The second one they’re just in some house.
One scene has August Avila, she’s supposed to be a student having sex with a teacher in the teacher’s lounge at school. I don’t know who the man is in the scene, but it’s a good one.
Amber Michaels and some man have a sex scene in a bedroom. They’re just supposed to be another young couple.
Tabitha Stevens herself appears in a threesome scene with a man and another woman, neither of whom are named. In this scene the other woman is supposed to be a teacher while Tabitha and the man are students of hers.
The last two scenes feature April Hannah and Nikki Loren and some man. The idea is the three of them were filming a live internet sex show, so first April and the man have sex in front of the webcam, and then April and Nikki have sex in front of th webcam.

Like the last Francis Locke film I reviewed, I consider this one a waste. The lack of a fleshed out story and the underdeveloped characters make this hard to watch. The sex scenes are decent, but not enough to make this film watchable. Look, the point of softcore films is to give us a compelling story along with the hot sex scenes, if you just want sex scenes and don’t care about story, then you’ve got hardcore porn for that. After The Prom is a hard pass for me. Chacebook rating: TWO STARS

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