Cain Suspends Presidential Campaign, Cites ‘Hurt’ Caused by ‘False’ Allegations
Herman Cain announced Saturday that he is suspending his campaign for president, telling a crowd of supporters in his home state that the allegations of sexual harassment and infidelity had become too big a burden on his family.
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So this months long joke of a Never Really Serious Presidential campaign is finally over. Well, I guess it’s not technically over, since he’s just saying he’s “suspending” it. Maybe he’s hoping that as Mitt Romney gets closer to actually winning the nomination, the extreme Far Right Tea Party conservatives will get so desperate that they’ll beg Cain to re-enter the race? Whatever.

Frankly, I’m a little disappointed that this is how it’s ending. I wanted him to at least last until the New Hampshire or South Carolina primaries, just so I could watch the GOP spin-masters try to explain why Cain didn’t win. That’s because he was NEVER going to win. I called it the minute he formally announced his candidacy. He was just Alan Keyes version 2.0, the Black conservative that all the Far-Right White conservatives could point to and claim to support in order to prove that they’re “not racist,” but when it comes time to actually VOTE, they go for one of the White candidates. Cain says all the right things that they want to hear, not only denying that The Tea Party is motivated by racism, and adding that he doesn’t believe racism holds anyone back in a major way anymore. So they cheer and applaud for him, and vote for him in meaningless polls, but I did not believe for one second that he had a shot at the GOP Presidential nomination, nor that he would win in one single primary. I’d publicly pledged to donate $100 to the Republican National Convention if he did win even one primary because I knew it wouldn’t happen.

Make no mistake, the GOP is not this desperate to get rid of the Negro currently living in the White House, just to put another Negro in there. The underlying motivation for this so-called Tea Party Movement is not taxes or the economy, because if it was they would’ve organized sometime during the 8 years that President George W. Bush was running up the deficit, wiping out President Bill Clinton’s surplus. No, they had no problem with any of that. But then a big scary Negro named Barack HUSSEIN Obama gets elected and NOW suddenly they’re “taxed enough already?” Negro please! What this is all really about is what the election of President Barack Hussein Obama represents: the inevitable end of White Privilege.

White Privilege is something that most White people (especially the ones who tend to vote Republican) have never wanted to admit exists. They want to believe that there truly is a “level playing field”, and that any problems non-Whites have are self-inflicted. This is why any attempts to combat White Privilege are automatically seen as “reverse discrimination.” But the world is changing, whether you like it or not. The majority of the human race is non-White, and America in particular is expected to be majority non-White within the next several decades. So the time is coming when being born White will no longer have the automatic benefits in regards to how you are treated by society that it does today. So now the panic sets in, and we’ve got the pushback, which is what the so-called Tea Party Movement represents.

This is why I don’t believe Cain ever had a realistic chance. And I wanted to see that definitively proved by having him still be designated the front-runner or #2 candidate, and then he’d lose in Iowa and New Hampshire, because the majority of his supposed supporters would get cold feet when they get alone in that voting booth, and would push the button for Gingrich or Perry or someone else. Then the news reports would have to try to explain what happened, without saying racism had anything to do with Cain’s lack of support.

But now that he’s out, they can still hold him up as an example of how “not racist” they are, and say “Look at all the support he was getting! He could have won if it weren’t for the sex scandals!” Yeah, right.

And, the thing is, I think Cain knew he was never going to win, and I don’t think he was really running to win. He was running to raise his profile, sell more books, get speaking engagements, and TV and radio deals. That’s why he was so unprepared when he had to start giving actual specifics about what he’d do if elected. So he pulls his “999” tax plan out of his ass, and then has to stick with it, even after actual economists say it would just make things worse. And the fact that he was caught off guard when first asked about the two past sexual harassment charges he faced. That was an unbelievable blind spot on his part. He knew that was in his past, so he should have been ready for the possibility that it would eventually come out, and had an answer prepared for it. I won’t even get into the groping or affair accusations.

But, even now, I think he’s got a bright future ahead of him as a right-wing pundit. Fox News will probably offer him a commentator job, maybe even his own show, by the end of the month. And that says all you need to know about the current state of the Republican Party.

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