Time is running out on Ariana’s CIA mission – literally! There’s a nuclear bomb to defuse and the ultimate party to attend. Decisions, decisions…

So…as per the ending of the last issue, Ariana is stuck in the basement trying to stop a nuclear bomb from going off. Agent Byrne, the man who could probably do it, is trying to fight his way inside the party, with little success. Ariana thinks that Nick’s father, who is trying to get away before the bomb goes off, can stop it, so she rushes after him, having to get through the party, where Ben has arrived, to declare that he loves her. Ariana doesn’t have time for him, and see’s Nike’s father and two associates leaving in a helicopter. Following some more incredible gymnastics and in-the-air acrobatics, she drags the man down, landing safely on top of Agent Byrne and forces him to disarm the nuke, with only 20 seconds to spare. Back at HQ, Deputy Director Mitchum reluctantly congratulates her on a job well down, assures her that her criminal record for breaking into the Senator’s house in issue #1 has been wiped clean. Ariana says a pleasant goodbye to Agent Byrne, and then returns home and makes peace with her mother. All’s well that ends well.

And if you think I just spoiled the ending of the series for you, YOU’RE WRONG. That’s actually just the first half of the issue. The story continues to a satisfying conclusion, while leaving it open for possible future stories. And let me tell you, I would love to read more stories of this character and her world. Creator Rashida Jones has put together an interesting cast of characters with a fascinating premise, and Christina Weir and Nunzio DeFilippis were the perfect writers to help her flesh it out for this comic. Previous penciller Jeff Wamester doesn’t doesn’t return for the final issue, other than drawing the cover, and is replaced in the interior by Chris Johnson, who’s art-style isn’t too different from Wamester, so it’s not a jarring switch, and he he does a fine job. Rob Ruffolo remains as colorist for the entire miniseries, which also help maintain the artistic continuity.

The entire series is available digitally on COMIXOLOGY, which means that in just a few minutes you could be reading this for yourself.The first issue is FREE, and the remaining 4 issues are just $1.99 each. So that’s a 5-issue series for just $7.96! So what are you waiting for?!? GET IT!

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