Another softcore horror thriller from Nicholas Medina (aka Fred Olen Ray). I’ve got two words for you: Vampire Strippers.

If that doesn’t interest you, then just stop reading, this is clearly not your kind of me. Medina/Olen assembled an A-list cast of softcore and hardcore talent for this film. Brandin Rackley, Christina Nguyen, and Ashley West (aka Dena Kollar) play Tabitha, Angela, and Amanda, the Vampires who work in club called Shadows. Each one gets a chance to show off their pole-dancing skills in this film, performing on stage, stripping down to a G-string. Beverly Lynne (aka Beverly Lynne Meadows) also has a stripper scene in this film, although she’s not one of the vampires, and is wearing a short black wig in that scene, instead of her usual long blonde hair, so I guess she’s playing a different character than her primary role, but I’ll get to that in minute.

So these ladies also like to lure select couples up to a special “V.I.P. Lounge”, where they have sex with them for money, and then kill them (by biting them on the neck and draining all their blood, of course) afterward. The opening scene has Amanda doing just that with an unnamed man played by Chris Johnson.

Frankie Cullen stars as Jack. Beverly Lynne is his live-in girlfriend Louise, who always makes up an excuse to not have sex with him, because she’s secretly a lesbian who just wants his money. She has two sex scenes in this film, one with a woman played by Jenaveve Jolie and another one with a woman played by Michelle Maylene, both behind Jack’s back. Then she eventually leaves him, after cleaning out his Savings account.

Frank works at some kind of office, where he just lost out on a promotion to his coworker Roger (Tony Marino aka Billy Chappell). Roger convinces them to go to Shadows that night to celebrate, where Roger ends up being taken up to the V.I.P. room by Angela, so they can have sex. The next day, Roger hasn’t come into work, and is found dead, with two bite-marks in his neck. Ted Newsom plays a detective who suspects that Jack killed Roger. Jack tries to go back to the club to find out what happened to him, but Angela lies and says that Roger and her never had sex, and that he just left the club last night. Jack then goes to Tabitha’s house, and she puts something in a drink she gives them, and then they have sex.

The next night Roger wakes up in his office with a hangover. The detective arrives and arrests him for Roger’s murder. The night, Angela appears in his jail cell, and says that Tabitha sent her to help him. But first Angela wants to have sex with him, to see that Tabitha thinks is so special about him. So they have sex in the cell, and the next morning the detective releases him, since his DNA didn’t match the bites on Roger’s next.

That night, after researching vampires and how to kill them, Jack goes back to Tabitha’s house, where he finds her having sex with Amanda in her bedroom. Jacks just stands in the doorway and watches, and when they finish they see him and invite him to join them for a threesome, which he does. Afterward they bare their fangs and prepare to bite him, so he tries to run away, but is blocked at the front door by Angela. The three woman surround him, and Jack pulls out a small bottle of holy water and splashes each one of them, causing them to explode. THE END

The first scene with West and Johnson isn’t that hot, they just don’t have much chemistry. But West makes up for it in her two later scenes with Rackley and Cullen. I loved Beverly Lynn’s two lesbian scenes, especially the one with Jolie, one of my favorite porn stars, although I wish they could have thrown in at least one male/female scene with her. The two scenes with Nguyen are spectacular as always, I wish she also had one lesbian scene, but I’ll take what we got. Overall this film had a decent premise for a story and some good sex scenes. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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