Quantum and Woody took the battle straight to the enemy – the mad-science cabal called Edison’s Radical Acquisitions and their mysterious, monstrous new leader – and the enemy kicked their ass! When these rogue biologists (and roboticists) get their hands (and robo-claws) on their new lab subjects, Quantum and Woody are as good as vivisected! (And, by vivisected, we mean dead.)

I know, I’m super-late on this one. At this point I figured that anyone who has been interested in this series has already read this issue, so there isn’t much for me to say, I guess. So I’ll be brief.

Picking up from the previous issue, Eric and Woody have been capture by Thomas Edison, who is still alive but now in some typically hideous monster-body. He reveals the truth that their father is still alive and trapped in the body of the goat, which is also a female and pregnant. He offers to restore their father and cure them of their abilities, but they refuse. Its turns out that they had a plan with the police who surrounded the place and have been recording everything, including Edison’s confession. So in return for uncovering this vast criminal conspiracy, all charges against them are dropped. Flash forward three months later, now Eric and Woody are working together as licensed bounty hunters. We even get one last look at Sixty Nine, who has finally found a purpose in life and goes by the name Renee. And thus this series comes to an “end”.

It was a very fun 12 issues (13, counting the zero issue), I ended up enjoying it more than I originally expected I would, as I wasn’t a fan of the original series. Writer James Asmus managed to keep a humorous tone without ever going over the top into slapstick, which I know can’t be easy. But the dialog and camaraderie (as well as antagonism) between the lead character was also a joy to read. The book also had some great artists, especially regular artist Tom Fowler, but also Wilfredo Torres who drew this final issue. Overall this entire series gets a Chacebook rating of FIVE STARS.

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