Savior #3

The mystery of TODD McFARLANE’s newest character continues in issue three of SAVIOR.

Okay, so I was disappointed with the first issue of this series, but still decided to give it another chance and bought the second issue, which wasn’t any better. For some reason, I decided to give this series a third chance, and bought this issue as well.

So we’re back in Damascus. The news and law enforcement still don’t know exactly what caused the plane crash. We see several D.A.R.P.A. agents in Virginia studying the crash (I didn’t think this was the kind of thing they did) and all they’ve noticed is that there was some kind of unexplained electric blackout just before the crash. Cassie, the reporter from the first issue, who grew up in Damascus, is still in town reporting on the accident and the deaths. A large funeral is planned for some of the victims, and members of a group called The Church of Divine Truth, who are clearly based on the real-life Westboro Baptist Church, are also in town planning to picket the funeral.

The mysterious man from the plane crash is still missing. We see him ordering food in a diner, but disappearing before it arrives. Posted and TV ads are asking the public to help find him. A flashback shows Cassie on the scene of the accident right after it happened, where she first encountered the man. Malcolm is shown in the beginning of the issue picking up trash off of the highway, as part of community service for trashing the church last issue, and then later at night we see him in a diner by himself, when a woman from the Church of Divine Truth approaches him for some information. And the big finale has Cassie driving along a road, where her GPS suddenly tells her to make a strange turn, so she does, and then her car stops, and she loses power in her phone, and suddenly she’s approached by the man from the crash, saying he wants to talk.

So, another issue with very little action or any story progression, just a lot of random scenes and conversations. I should drop this book now (actually I should have after the 2nd issue), but I’m going to give it one more chance, since issue #4 comes out Wednesday. Hopefully we’ll finally start to get some answers, or else that’s it for me. Chacebook rating: 3 STARS


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