The Houseboy – Part 1 by Ariana Paige

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This is a single short-story, 46 pages long, by a relatively new writer named Ariana Page, who claims on her website to be a real-life dominatrix. I don’t usually buy individual short stories, just full-length novels or short story collections, but this popped up in my “recommendations” while browsing and it was just 99 cents so, why the heck not?

This story is told from the POV of Karen, a single 39 year old woman who lives by herself and works while also having recently enrolled in grad school. Between work and school she has no time for dating or much of a social life, beyond hanging out drinking wine with her 37 year old friend Shelley. Karen also notes that she doesn’t have much time for cleaning her apartment, which has become a bit of a mess. At Shelley’s suggestion, Karen places an ad on Craigslist for a Houseboy. Which is a young man who come over to her apartment on a regular basis to clean it for her. He will also be expected to do this for free. And while he’s completely naked.

Because that’s what you do when you need someone to clean your house, right?

The applicant Karen ends up hiring is Mark, a 20 year old man with quite the submissive streak. Shelley tags along for the initial “interview” and tryout session, during which Mark is made to strip naked for the two fully-clothed older women, so that they can inspect his body. After both women are assured that they like what they see, Mark is then given the task of washing Karen’s dishes.

But first, it also agreed that if Mark should make any errors in the performance of his duties, Karen will be able to spank him as punishment.

And he does (make an error), so she does (spank him).

Several days later, Mark returns for more housecleaning in the nude. And once again he makes a small error, and once again Karen spanks him. All of this excites both of them, and by the time Mark shows up for his third night of work, Karen has done her research into the BDSM lifestyle, and greets him at the door dressed like a domme with ropes, a blindfold, and other various “toys” to put to good use. . .

This final encounter between Karen and Mark is quite an exciting climax (pun intended), which is satisfying on it’s own but nevertheless leaves the reader eagerly wanting more. Having read this, I am definitely inclined to believe that Ms. Paige definitely has some experience with the femdom lifestyle, from the way she so convincingly writes the POV of Karen. In the beginning of the story she is a complete newbie to this sort of thing, and initially views it as just some safe harmless fun. But from the moment she first spanks Mark, she is surprised at how much she gets turned on by his submissive nature, and enjoys being dominant. With each encounter she gets more and more into it, and wants to push the limits further.

The Houseboy Part 1 is an exciting tale sure to entertain (and arouse) fans of dominate women and submissive men. Chacebook rating: 5 STARS


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