The Houseboy – Part 2 by Ariana Paige

Well, first of all, I must point out that as lot has changed since I first read and reviewed The Houseboy – Part 1 by Ariana Paige, back in July 2016. That was the author’s first published work, and she seemed to be excited about doing more. But now she seems to have disappeared from public life. As of today, her last post on her Twitter profile was March 18, 2017, likewise she hasn’t posted on her Facebook fan page since January 11, 2017. And her website is no long active, with the domain name being taken over by some UK-based clothing store. Her lasts posts indicate that she was working on, and almost finished, her first full-length novel. I wonder what happened to her?


This sequel story was published a couple of months after the first one. It picks up three months later, beginning on a night where Karen has decided to take her new dominate relationship with Mark a step further than their usual encounters in the privacy of her own home, and takes him out to a Fetish club. This is a new experience for Karen, but Mark has been to this particular club before, and he leads her inside (while wearing a leash around his neck that Karen holds the strap to). Inside, Karen takes in the sites of various people in leather and chains, and when they meet an old friend of Mark’s, the story then flashes back to some time before, where Karen learned more about Mark’s history.

One night, while in the middle of some bondage play, Mark breaks down crying, but not in a good way. And Karen prods him to tell her what’s wrong. He relates to her the story of his previous Mistress, an older woman named Sophia. She’d been the woman to introduce him to the bondage lifestyle, and he truly worshipped her. He served her for a year, when she was suddenly killed in a car accident. Mark was devastated and heartbroken. Worse is that he’s been unable to grieve properly for her, as her family, including her two grown children, knew nothing of her BDSM lifestyle or that Mark even existed. So while he attended her funeral he could only sit in the back and didn’t speak to anyone. None of his friend’s could really relate to what he was going through either. This is why he eventually answered Karen’s ad, looking for a new Mistress, in order to move on. But these activities have brought back his memories of Sophia.

Now, I have to be honest, this was a change in direction that I can’t say really appealed to me. I got this story for the same reason that I got the first one, for some hot Femdom action. All of this weepy emotional stuff just felt out of place. Certainly not arousing in the slightest. Frankly, it’s also one of the reasons why I put off on reviewing this story for so long.

We’re told that Karen and Mark spent the rest of the night talking, with her trying to comfort him, and then they went to sleep together. The next morning she woke him up with a blowjob. Another change from the dominant/submissive relationship that they had before. Over the next two weeks they spent more time together, with Mark working through his feelings. They gradually get back into their previous routine, with Karen whipping him again. Then she decides to try something new, and put Mark in a cock-cage. First she makes him masturbate in front of her one last time before he puts it on.

Karen’s friend Shelly comes over for drinks a few nights later, and is surprised to see Mark in the cock cage, and even more surprised when she hears that Karen hasn’t had sex with him yet. But Karen explains that it’s all part of the tease of a FemDom relationship, how she’s deliberately holding off on that to make Mark want it even more. Then a few days later Karen takes Mark to a pool party at Shelly’s house. Karen finds out that Shelly has told a couple of their mutual female friends about Karen’s relationship with mark, and how she dominates them, and they’re all fascinated by it. Later Shelly’s husband Kyle corners Karen in the bathroom and tries to force himself on her, but she grabs and squeezes on his testicles and gets away from him, deciding not to tell Shelly or Mark about it. That night, when they get back to Karen’s place, she has him hold her as she falls asleep in his arms, and she says that’s when she realizes that she loved him. The next morning she has him unlock himself from his cock cage and then has him jack himself off and cum on her body, while uses a vibrator on her pussy. Then they both confess their love to each other.

Again, all this love talk and emotional stuff just wasn’t doing it for me. If I wanted to read a romance story, I’d get one. This was supposed to be Femdom/BDSM, and yet up to this point there had hardly been much “dominating” on Karen’s part.

Thankfully that’s at last rectified in the next chapter. Shelly wants to learn about being a dominatrix herself, so Karen invites her over one night to join her in dominating Mark. The two ladies chain the young man up naked in a doorway, and blindfold him, as they take turns spanking and whipping him. It’s going well, as the women get progressively harsher. But then Karen has to go to the bathroom, and when she gets back she finds Shelly on her knees giving Mark a blowjob. And when Karen interjects, Shelly says it’s payback for Karen being with Kyle. She saw them kissing in the bathroom, and Kyle later told her about it and said it was consensual. Despite the fact that Karen is her best friend, and Kyle is a serial cheater whom Shelly has caught multiple times, she inexplicably believes Kyle instead of Karen. So Karen kicks her out. Afterword, Karen unchains Mark and they have sex for the first time.

After this is when the story jumps back to the “present”, with Karen and Mark in the Fetish club. It was in part because of the apparent dissolution of her friendship with Shelly that Karen realized she needed to make new friends who were part of the BDSM lifestyle scene. Karen meets Charlotte another Mistress, who was friends with Sophia. And she offers to show Karen some more of the ropes, so to speak.

So that’s the ending, with a clear set-up for a part 3 which, at this point, is unlikely to ever see the light of day. And I can’t say that really bothers me. As this installment in the series was a huge drop-off in quality from the first one. Maybe some others will like it, but it just went off in several directions that didn’t appeal to me. When Ariana Paige focus on the action domination, of Karen spanking Mark and telling him what to do, even if it was just forcing him to jerk off in front of her, it was hot, as was the sex scene in the story. But all of the background details and emotional stuff, and detours like the pool party, just felt like they belonged in some other story. So, ultimately, I’m afraid that I just cannot recommend this story.

Chacebook rating: 2 STARS


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