This book is a collection of five previously-released short stories, each detailing a sexual encounter between an older woman and a younger man, which is one of my favorite erotica scenarios. I shall go down the list and give my impressions and opinions of each one.

Possible minor spoilers ahead, I guess…

The book starts off strong with this story of Susan Hartwell (no age given, but probably late-30’s, going by her son’s age), a woman who has been single and sexless for a year, and has decided to end her dry-spell by seducing her teenage son’s best friend, Stephen, who has just recently turned eighteen (and is therefore legal). Not wanting to be too obvious or arouse suspicion from anyone, she has hatched a delicate plan to get Stephen in her bed. One afternoon when she knows that her son Tyler has invited Stephen over she sends Tyler out on an errand so that he won’t be home when Stephen arrives. But this errand should only take about an hour, which means that Susan knows that she doesn’t have a lot of time to put the moves on Stephen. This is good for her and also for us readers as the story doesn’t take long to get to the good parts. Susan invites the shy young man up to her bedroom where she strips off her clothes and presents herself face down and ass up for his viewing pleasure. Soon Susan has her tongue in Stephen’s mouth as she’s tearing off his clothes. Despite admitting to being a virgin, Stephen is able to give Susan the hard pounding that she needs.

Now, if I had to nitpick, the only part that I didn’t quite like was how the sex ended. Susan asks Stephen to titty-fuck her and then cum on her face. I know that this is common in porn (and Stephen says it’s his biggest fantasy, so he’s happy to oblige), but outside of that is it something many women really enjoy? And in particular, under these circumstances where, where Susan knows they have a time-limit and is trying to finish before her son returns, would she really want to take a load on her face? In fact, just as they finish, they hear Tyler’s car, indicating his return. So Stephen has to rush back into his clothes, but Susan has to take a shower now, to clean herself off. Storywise, I’m just saying that it feels like that would be something that could look suspicious, like wouldn’t Tyler think it’s weird that his mother would be in the shower now?

But, okay, I’m probably overthinking this. It was a hot story.

This is the story of a 21 year old man named Jesse, who is on a ski trip with his two best friends, Ryan and Simon. And Ryan’s mother Melissa, who is said to have basically insisted on coming along as a “chaperone.” But Jesse doesn’t mind, because Melissa is one of those cool moms, plus he finds her very sexy, despite being in her fifties, particularly for her very large breasts which she often flaunts in low-cut shirts. One day while his friends are out on the slopes, Jesse decides to stay behind and relax in the sauna at the resort that they’re all staying at. The sauna is empty, so he has it to himself, and while laying there naked he gets a hardon while thinking of Melissa. He almost starts to jack off, but feels too guilty about thinking about his friend’s mom in that way, and forces himself to stop. And then the door opens, and in walks Melissa in nothing but a towel. To Jesse’s surprise, soon Melissa’s towel is off, revealing her fully naked body to his eyes, and then his hard cock is in her hand. Jesse’s weak protests end when Melissa puts his cock on her mouth. And the two have hot sex, ending with Melissa riding the young man, right there in the sauna, with Jesse’s orgasm being so intense that he passes out. And then he wakes up 20 minutes later in Melissa’s hotel room.

Okay, here we go with another nitpick. Melissa says she took Jesse to her room so that nobody would see them. But how the heck did she manage to do that? Did she carry him herself? That seems unlikely, and it’s never explained. But whatever. They’re both still naked, and Melissa is ready for round two (as she didn’t cum the first time). This time Jesse pounds her on top until they both have orgasms. The sex in this story is even hotter than the first one.

Rachel is a single woman in her forties, working the nightshift as a security guard in an office building. It’s a boring job that mostly consists of her sitting at a desk by herself for 8 hours looking at the security cameras. One night, Rachel gets bored and starts watching some Milf porn on her iPhone and begins to masturbate. Then she stops when she notices in one of the camera monitors that she isn’t alone. She sees a young man working late by himself at his desk, and is surprises to see that he’s actually watching porn on his work computer and masturbating as well!

The young man (no age given) is named Peter, and is someone who has caught Rachel’s’ eye before. Not wanting to waste this opportunity Rachel heads to Peter’s desk and let’ him know what she saw. Peter pleads with her not to tell on him, and Rachel makes it clear that he’ll need to service her body in exchange for her silence, and that’s just fine with Peter as he admits later on that he’s worked late before hoping to get the courage to approach her. Soon these two take turns going down on each other before pounding it out right there on the desk.

If sex in the office is one of your fantasies, this is the story for you.

Nancy is a 47 year old single divorcee. As the story begins she is leaving an aborted date. She drove far out of time to meet up with a man she’d been flirting with online for two months, with the hopes of getting laid, only to be dismayed that her dates pictures did not match his real appearance (he’s said to have been much older and fatter than she expected). Angry but still horny, Nancy’s car breaks down in the middle of an empty road on her way home, so she has to call for a tow truck. The truck arrives, with the driver being Bobby, a young man who she guesses to be around 21. As Bobby hooks up Nancy car to his truck, the two make flirtatious small talk, which continuous as he begins to drive. They don’t get far before Bobby is pulling over to the side of the road, and with the truck in park and Country music blaring on the radio, he and Nancy get down and dirty right there in the truck. They have not only vaginal, but also anal sex, in the front seat. Hot stuff!

And the final story in this collection centers on Julian, young college student, who is working out in the college gym by himself late one Saturday night. Then in walks Samantha, described as a recently divorced MILF who is known to frequent this gym, and is rumoured to have a thing for younger men. After exchanging a few pleasantries, Samantha asks Julian to spot her while she lifts some weights. Working out, getting sweating, straining their muscles, just helps to inflame their mutual arousal, and soon to Julian’s surprise and delight, Samantha leads him to a secluded area in the gym where she strips naked and invites him to do her right there on the gym mats. Like the first story, this one ends with Julian cumming on Samantha’s face, and after they each go to their separate showers to clean up, Samantha invites Julian back to her place for more.

Overall this is a hot collection of sex stories. Each story gives you just enough set-up and background to familiarize you with the characters, without wasting too much time with unnecessary filler before getting to the sex scenes, which is what we read these stories for. Sandra Claire is very good at describing the sexual acts that take place, so that you can easily envision them in your imagination as you’re reading them. This collection also shows off her skill in switching narrative viewpoints, telling some stories from the woman’s point of view, and some from the man’s point of view. If you’re looking for something to spark your imagination, do yourself a favor and pick this book up!

Chacebook rating: 4 STARS

Available on AMAZON and SMASHWORDS

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