Like COUGAR ENCOUNTERS, this books is another collection of five previously-released short stories by Sandra Claire. This time the shared theme is sex taking place on a college campus, either between students or students and teachers (or librarian, in one story). Let’s go through them one by one.

Minor spoilers ahead, I guess.

Kevin is a first year medical student, and also a virgin. The latter is due to his being raised in a small town. As such, he has no real experience with the female anatomy, and thus he is not doing well in his anatomy class. So one afternoon he goes to his professor, a woman identified as only Professor Cameron, in her office to seek some extra help on a recent lesson. Professor Cameron is a blonde woman with very large breasts, whom has been the subject of many of Kevin’s masturbatory fantasies in the month since school started and he began attending her class. To his surprise, after hearing about his inexperienced ways, Professor Cameron decides to give Kevin a hands-on anatomy lesson using her own body. Soon she’s locked the door and then is sitting on her desk in front of Kevin with her skirt raised and her panties off, giving the young man a close-up view of her shaved pussy. She has him manipulate her clitoris with his fingers and then grabs his head and shoves his face between her legs, commanding him to lick her. After he brings her to orgasm she returns to the favor on him, and then they strip naked and fuck right there on her desk. In the end, Kevin is now much more prepared for the upcoming test, and there’s a promise of more personal lessons from Professor Cameron to come.

A very hot story (even if it comes off a bit like an old Penthouse Forum letter) to start off this bundle. I’m impressed with the way Sandra Claire writes young Kevin’s mindset, as we see his initially confusion as to whether or not Professor Cameron is actually flirting with him or if it’s just his overactive imagination. This helps build up the reader’s anticipation for the sex to begin. The only thing missing from this story was some kind of indication of the age-difference between Kevin and Professor Cameron, as I personally feel that that’s part of the appeal of stories like this.

This story starts off on a Friday night, where a college student named Dale is returning some late books to the school library. We learn that Dale has been deliberately returning books late on Friday nights, when the library is generally empty, because it gives him time to flirty with attractive school Librarian, Stephanie. While Stephanie subtly plays along with Dale’s flirting, she always resists his attempts to get her contact info (under the guise of him requesting that she texts or emails him whenever he has a book coming to due, to avoid returning them late). But this time, when Dale reveals that he doesn’t have the cash available to pay his late fees, Stephanie suggests another way for Dale to pay off his desk, and she invites him to follow him to her office in the back…

A nice detail of this story is that Dale starts off as a cocky bastard, so when Stephanie takes him to the back, and locks the door, he assumes that she’s fallen for his charms and is about to let him have his way with her. But instead Stephanie turns the tables and first pulls him over her lap with his pants and underwear down and proceeds to spank his bare ass with her hand. And it isn’t a “sexy” spanking that he expected, but a hard one that soon as the lad fighting back tears. But as it continues, Dale finds himself getting turned on, despite the pain, which is a surprise. It’s not until Stephanie’s finished with her spanking that Stephanie commands Dale to service her, which takes place on her desk. And Dale finds himself willingly accepting a somewhat submissive role to the older woman (she’s described as being 10-15 years older than him, by Dale’s guess – the story is told from his POV).

A bit of different type of story here. This is told by Jessica, who is part of a sorority. One night, her and seven of her sorority sisters decide to go on a “jockstrap raid” at a particular frat house. This frat is made up of football players, and they have a game that night across town, so the girls know that the frat house should be empty. After one picks the lock to get him, they’re each assigned to spit up and go to a specific room to steal a pair of jockstraps. To her dismay, Jessica has been assigned to sneak into the room of her ex-boyfriend Josh, whom she recently dumped due to his infidelity. Jessica hates doing this as she’d prefer to just not have to even think about him, but reluctantly goes along with the plan. But to Jessica’s surprise, when she gets to Josh’s room she finds him in his bed. It turns out that has been suspended from the team until he improves his grades, which is why he’s not at the game. When he steps out of the bed in just his underwear, Jessica is turned on by his muscular body and memories of his large cock, which she can see bulging between his legs, and finds herself falling into his arms. After an intense love-making session on the bed, Jessica leaves with both a pair of Josh’s jockstrap and a promise between the two of them to try to start over in their relationship.

A nice story, feeling a bit more like a romance tale than erotica.

This is the story of a college student named Vanessa, who right from the start has a mission. She’s going to attempt to seduce one of her professors, named Dr. Barnes, in order to hopefully get him to change the C that she got on a recent exam in his class to an A. It’s clear that this is a risk proposition for her, as she’s heard that some other female students have slept with Dr. Barnes in exchange for better grades in the past, but that there have also been some female students who’ve been expelled for trying. Apparently Dr. Barnes is “particular” about which students he finds worth sleeping with.

Well, dressed in her sexiest outfit with all of her makeup done, Vanessa goes to Dr. Barnes’ office where he is alone, and luckily for her it quickly becomes clear that the older man (she guesses that he is in his forties) is open to her suggestion. And thus they begin to have sex in his office, with the professor revealing how Vanessa’s grade is improving as the sex acts go on. Starting off with a blowjob that earns her an increase to a B-, then vaginal sex which leads to a B. Finally Dr. Barnes says that if she wants an A she’s going to have to agree to let him fuck her in the ass, which is something she’s never done before. But since she’d been enjoying the professor’s lovemaking skills up to that point, she decides to go for it. By the time they are finished, Vanessa has earned herself an A+, and has arranged to see Dr. Barnes again for help with her next assignment.

Hot story, although the premise is a tad implausible in that it seems to be an open secret that Dr. Barnes bangs his students for grades. Vanessa doesn’t even hide her plan from her classmate, Alicia, who urges her not to do it. I can’t help but think that, especially in today’s climate, Dr. Barnes would have been exposed (especially by one of the students whom he has turned down) by now.

But I’m probably just thinking about this too much.

This is the story of college student Lisa, who has the hots for a fellow college student named John, so to get close to him she hires him to tutor her in Math. But John appears to be a rather shy guy and thus he doesn’t never to Lisa’s subtle attempts at flirting during their weekly tutoring seasons. So she’s finally decide to skip the subtly, and during their latest session at the school library, she makes it obvious to John that she wants him, and when he responds in kind they head to a nearby men’s room on campus, which should be empty at that time and proceed to bang each other’s brains out in one of the large stalls.

I wouldn’t call this the strongest story to end this bundle on, but if you’re an in to sex in public places, with the thrill of possibly getting caught, then this story is for you.

All in all it’s another collection of steamy tales, which Sandra Claire excels at. Once again it shows off her skill at telling stories from different viewpoints and of getting to the good part (the sex) without it feeling rushed.

Chacebook rating: 4 STARS


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