In this series the story moves back to Cyberdata (or, as they’re calling it now, CDI) headquarters. Dominique has been given “skin” to cover her cybernetic implants, so she looks completely human again, but she still feels like a half-machine. Velocity is trying her best to cheer her up. And this is interesting, because as I said in the review for issue #8 that I like how this series explores the way more people would realistically react to suddenly having major body parts replaced. While most are shown to initially react with horror, Velocity is the only one who actually likes it. And that makes sense, as she was the only who was handicapped long before her surgery, and of course she volunteered for it in advance, so it wasn’t a shock. So she was confined to a wheelchair and now can not only walk, but run at super-speed, and kick through brick walls. So for her this is all a gift, while for the others it’s a nightmare.

Ripclaw is being experimented on, and Stryker is getting suspicious. Then Ripclaw breaks out, and Stryker, Velocity, and Dominique all try to stop him from “tearing the place apart” as he promised to last issue, and protect him from CDI’s heavily armed guards who are prepared to use lethal force if he doesn’t stand down. Things get tense and, in the middle of a standoff, Dominique reflexifly uses a new power, which is to fire some kind of laser from her cybernetic hands. After subduing Ripclaw, she manages to convince him to stay for now, as they all promise to stick together. But is this all just part of the mysterious head of CDI’s plan for them? That’s the question….

This issue kept up the dramatic tension from start to climactic finish. And at least the characters are beginning to form a kind of team. This was one of the better issues of this series. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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