Hashtag Danger #1

This is a new title from a new publisher Ahoy Comics that I saw and bought on impulse. From the backmatter I learn that this title was originally a series of short 3-5 page stories that appeared as backup features in other titles from Ahoy that I haven’t read, and they were so popular with the readers that those stories were collected into this one issue, and will henceforth be its own ongoing title. The Hashtag Danger team are a trio of adventurers, similar to the old DC Comics title Challengers of The Unknown, who travel the world seeking out mysteries and strange phenomena. The team consists of Desiree Danger, the founder and team leader, she’s young blonde White woman from a wealthy background, who seems primarily interested in the fame that the team’s exploits can bring them. Then there’s Einstein Armstrong, a Black man and a scientist, set up as the brains of the team. And finally, there’s Sugar Rae Huang, an Asian-American woman, described as a Heavyweight women’s cage-fighting champion. She’s the muscles of the group. They have a flying ship, called the Thrillride, to travel in, and a high-tech headquarters on a private island, known as Danger Island.

In this first issue, they have traveled to the Himalayas, in search of the infamous Yeti. They find said Yeti, but the encounter doesn’t go well, and they end up barely surviving an avalanche. But they manage to get away, with Sugar Rae having crabbed a baby Yeti. With this baby, they plan to reveal to the world the existence of Yetis, but it’s noted that in the confrontation Sugar Rae lost her special Hashtag Danger badge, which greatly disturbs Desiree, much to the surprise of Sugar Rae and Einstein. It turns out that their badges are special high-tech pieces of equipment that Desiree had specially designed for the team. But when a second purpose for the badges is discovered, Einstein initiates a Court Martial for Desiree, in which he attempts to relieve her of command of the team that she founded! Will he succeed? Tune in to find out!

Writer Tom Peyer does an excellent job of writing an engaging, exciting, and suspenseful story, with the right mix of humor. Through dialog, he establishes the personalities of each character, and their relationships to each other, as they bicker and trade barbs like characters on a Sitcom. And artist Chris Giarrusso draws this in clean sort of animated style, that gives it the feel of a Saturday morning cartoon. But although the tone is relatively inoffensive, no excessive violence or sexuality, there is some adult language, a few curse words splattered throughout, which is the only thing keeping this from being a true “All Ages” title. I found it quite enjoyable, and am looking forward to reading more.

This book also contains a 7-page story called WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH WAITING IN LINE? Written by Paul Constant and drawn by Fred Haper, it’s about a stand-up comedian named Melville Snelson, who was apparently a rising star in the 90’s, once touted as the next Jerry Seinfeld, but his career hasn’t panned out like expected, and today he’s still performing in small clubs. Late one night he’s standing in line at some small club, waiting to see some rock band, who was also big in the 90’s, when he’s recognized by a man named Dave, who used to be a big fan of his. This makes Snelson insecure, as he fears being judged a failure, but as the night progresses he and Dave’s conversation takes some interesting turns. It’s strange, as this story doesn’t really fit the tone of Hashtag Danger, but it’s still a welcome addition to the issue.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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