According to IMBD, this film was originally released in 2006 as Bikini Pirates, but Retromedia has retitled it and released on DVD as Harlots of The Caribbean. I guess to cash in on the success of the Pirates of The Caribbean films. I bought this DVD strictly because it had Rebecca Love on the cover (I don’t know who that other woman on the cover is, she’s not in this film). She’s always hot in her scenes, and there just doesn’t seem to be enough good softcore films with her in it. Anyway, if you’re expecting a big pirate ship adventure, you’re looking at the wrong film.

Written and directed by Fred Olen Ray, under the name Nicholas Medina (I never understood the point of using a pseudonym when everyone knows its you), this film stars
Nicole Sheridan as Jill and Beverly Lynne (another softcore film favorite of mine) as Susan. Alexandre Boisvert (aka VooDoo) plays Jill’s boyfriend Dustin and legendary adult film star Randy Spears plays Susan’s boyfriend Joe. Dustin and Joe are divers, which is what they’re doing when the film begins, checking out the ruins of a sunken pirate ship. Afterwards, Dustin gives Jill a special necklace he found on the ship, then he suggests that they invite Susan and Joe out to some cabin in the woods for a barbecue. When they get out to cabin, Dustin reveals that he also brought up an old diary he found on the ship, written by a legendary pirate named Morganna (Love), who was known for having sex with her victims before she made them walk the plank. The diary also contains a map, to a buried treasure, which is somewhere in those woods, which is why Dustin suggested they go out. Then, reading instructions from the diary, they hold a seance, where Morganna’s spirit temporarily takes over Jill’s body. Then somehow this leads to Morganna and her ship captain Tygus (Evan Stone) being revived, and they kidnap Jill to get the map back. But before giving it back, Joe copies the map, so everyone is looking for the treasure at the same time. And they eventually find it, and then Morganna and Tygus disappear again into the spirit world, or something.

Okay, the plot was incomprehensible and sucked. But who cares, right, how were the sex scenes.

Well, Rebecca Love appears in three scenes, one is a flashback, as Jill reads the diary, where Morganna has sex with some woman (Cassie Young) that she was holding captive on her ship. Then she later has sex with Sheridan, and then a final scene with Stone. Nicole Sheridan has two other scenes, one with Boisvert in the beginning, and then one where she has a threesome with Randy Spears and Beverly Lynne, when the spirit of Morgana posseses Jill’s body and makes her do it (that was really hot, softcore films don’t have enough threesomes in them, usually). Also, during the Love/Young scene, Jill is thinking about while masturbating in bed, so the film cuts and back and forth between her and the two women. And then Spears and Lynne have a scene together by themselves in the beginning, too.

So, while the plot leaved much to be desired, the quality of the sex scenes are enough for me to give this 4 STARS.

DVD available on AMAZON

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