E.P.I.C. #1: The Alpha Strand

Here’s a new title from Dark City Comics. Written by Lonnie Lowe Jr. (who also lettered the comic), it tells the story of the superhero called E.P.I.C., which stands for Earth’s Protector In Crisis (I like that). He’s a big Superman/Thor type of character, muscular, cape, flying, etc. The opening pages give us a montage of him in action against various supervillains, monsters, giant robots, and UFO’s, and allied with a team of other costumed superheroes, who are not named in this issue.

Then it flashes back to his origin. He’s just a college kid (strangely unnamed), who was in Egypt on an archeological dig with his professor and other students, when they’re all held hostage by some mercenaries and shady-looking businessmen, who force them to take them into a secret room inside a pyramid, where they discover the remains of a scientifically-advanced ancient civilization, which is what the mercenaries were after. But our hero gets ahold of some special gauntlets and transforms into E.P.I.C. But the businessman transforms into a super being as well, and a fight breaks out. And then…well, you’ll have to read it for yourself.

This issue is very heavy on action, less characterization, but it’s a first issue so I cut it some slack. The writing I’ll give 4 STARS, while the art, by J.C. Grande (who also did the colors) gets 3 STARS. There’s definite room for improvement in both aspects, but it’s a decent beginning. I recommend checking it out.


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