That’s right, I believe prostitution should be legal, and I do not understand why it isn’t, because there is no logical reason for it to be illegal. This is government mandating why people should be allowed to have sex with each other. If two (or more) people want to have sex with each other for money, then why should the government have any say in that? Yes, I understand that some people think it’s immoral, and you have the right to feel that way. But people have sex with each other for all sorts of different reasons, many of which are also considered “immoral” by other people. But there aren’t any laws against it.

Frankly, “prostitution,” in the broadest sense, goes on all the time. When old-ass Hugh Hefner marries some blond who is young enough to be his great-granddaughter what is that really about? She’s marrying him for his money, he’s marrying her because she’s young and hot. That may be an extreme case, but it goes on all the time. Men using money to attract women that they want to have sex with, women using sex to get men to spend money on them. The thing with prostitution is that at least it’s upfront and honest, nobody has to deceive the other. I want sex, you want money. Let’s trade. Boom, there ya go. A fair and honest transaction.

There’s a famous line that I’ve heard attributed to various men, from Charlie Sheen to Errol Flynn, when asked why a famous and wealthy man would ever pay for sex (when they could presumably easily find women who’ll have sex with them for free) was (I’m paraphrasing) You don’t pay prostitutes for sex, you pay them to leave afterwards. That makes sense to me. You don’t have to go through all the motions of taking them out on a date, pretending to be interested in them, making small talk, etc. If all you want is sex, then you pay them and get sex. As long as everyone is an adult, what’s the crime?

And we’re so hypocritical about it anyway. There’s a reason why prostitution is called “The World’s Oldest Profession.” And then there are all these loopholes that people use to get away with it. Like on the show Gigolos, the way they get away with it is that the men aren’t paid for sex, they’re paid to go on a “date,” and then if they just so happen to have sex while on that date, then that’s just like any normal date. But c’mon, the women aren’t paying $2k or more a night just to “have dinner” with these guys. Or you have these various sugardaddy/sugarbaby websites, where young women go out with older men in exchange for money to pay for college. People can talk trash about these women all they want, but I don’t really see anything wrong with what they’re doing. Again, everyone is an adult and knows what they’re doing when they sign up for the website. But yeah it is prostitution, they just get away with it by not making an explicate trade of sex for cash. And that’s what’s so stupid about it. If I make a deal with a woman that after we have sex I’ll write a check to her landlord to pay her rent, that’s okay. But if I make a deal that after we have sex I’ll hand her X amount of cash, now THAT’S a crime?

Ultimately it’s a victimless crime, with the majority of the danger from it because it is illegal. So it has to be hidden, and kept in the shadows. Prostitution should be legalized and regulated like pornography. That’s people having sex with money, but it’s legal. But there are rules about where porn can be filmed, licenses have to be filed, and taxes have to be paid. Do the same with position. If you really want to help the economy, there’s one way to do it.

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