Originally released in 2004 as Bikini A Go Go, this film was written and directed by Fred Olen Ray (aka Nicholas Medina). Beverly Lynne Meadows stars a Janet, a sexually repressed woman with a 1950’s-style beehive haircut. Erik Warner plays her equally sexually-repressed boyfriend Brad. They’ve been “going steady” (Janet’s words), for a months when this film opens. The most intimate they seem to have gotten is sitting next to each other on a couch holding hands while watching TV, as we see them in the first scene, and they spell out the word “S-E-X” when talking about sex. Brad works in a swimwear shop (called Bikini A Go Go), with two women, Karen and Cheryl (Stacy Burke and Cailey Taylor). One morning he brings in a new delivery of outfits, and the women go to try on some of the bikinis in a dressing room. They get turned on and start having sex in there. Brad unpacks the rest of the box, and discover a small tiki on a necklace in it, which he puts in his pocket. He overhears the ladies moaning in the dressing room, and he closes the shop to go meet Janet for lunch.

We get a glimpse of Janet at her new job in an office. Her new boss, Mr. Rogers (Danny Pape) comes on to her, but she acts shocked and leaves. She meets Brad at a restaurant for lunch, and when she asks him what he got her for their one-month anniversary, which he was clearly unaware of, he gives her the tiki. The film cuts to large house, where Nikki Fritz is playing a mysterious woman named Darvella. The tiki was hers, and when she discovers that it’s somehow missing, she brings in a man named Vargas (John Swipe) and orders him to track it down and get it back. But before he leaves she also orders him to have sex with her, and they do.

Back at Janet’s house, they’re about to sit down and watch TV. Then she asks Brad to help her put the tiki on around her neck. When he does, she starts getting horny. She takes off her top and begs Brad to have sex with her, but he refuses and leaves. Janet’s still horning so she turns on the TV and changes channels until she gets to some porn film with two women (whom I couldn’t identify) having sex. Janet watches the scene while masturbating. Right as she’s finishing she accidentally rips her necklace off and acts disgusted with herself for what she did, and runs to the bathroom to wash her hands.

The next day Vargas go to Bikini A Go Go with a picture of the tiki necklace and asks the ladies if they’ve seen it, saying it was delivered there by mistake. Cheryl takes him into the backroom to let him check the box from yesterday, but it’s not in there. Then she takes her top off and comes on to him, and they have sex. Afterward, as he’s leaving Vargas runs into Brad and shows him the picture. Brad recognizes the tiki, but lies and says he never saw it. Vargas, whom I should mention is sort of dressed like The Terminator, including a leather jacket and glasses, and has some kind of robotic vision, appears to be able to tell that Brad is lying. But he leaves. Brad then calls Janet but she’s not at work yet and Mr. Rogers who was in her office answers the phone, and he makes a suggestive comment about her to Brad. Then Janet comes in, wearing the tiki again, and dressed scantily. And they have sex on her desk.

Vargas goes back to Darvella’s place, tells her about Brad and that he thinks Brad has the tiki. He gives her Brad’s address and she tells him to leave. She then goes to Brad’s place, where he’s sitting alone looking sad about Janet, and tries to get the tiki back. He swears he doesn’t know where it is, so she tries to seduce the answer out of him, and they have sex on his couch.

Janet, not wearing the necklace, goes to the bikini shop to look for Brad, but he’s gone. She shows Karen and Cheryl the necklace, which they tell her is cursed, and about Vargas. They invite her to come stay with them for awhile, but first Janet calls Brad and leaves a message on his answering machine about where she’ll be. Brad is asleep, but Darvella is still there and she hears the message, and calls Vargas and tells him to meet her there. At the ladies’ place, they ask her to put the necklace, and when she does she gets horny again and the three ladies have sex in a their pool. Then Darvella and Vargas show up with a gun, and force Janet to give the tiki back. Then they plan to shoot the women so they can’t reveal what the know about it, but Brad shows up and splashes water on Vargas and Darvella, causes them both to electrify and blow up. To celebrate, the ladies put on some music, and Brad, Janet, Karen, and Cheryl start go-go dancing. And the credits reveal what happens to each of them in future (no spoilers).

Well, even for cheesy softcore B-movie, this was a pretty lame plot, especially the ending. As far as the sex scenes, I of course enjoyed Nikki Fritz’ two scenes. She’s always great (I wish she were still making films). And I enjoyed Beverly Lynne’s scene with Pape. I don’t know they didn’t film a scene with her and Erik Warner, that would have been a natural ending for their characters. As for the scenes including Cailey Taylor and Stacy Burke, well, neither one of them did anything for me. They look like just a couple of random tanned bleach-blondes each with obvious breast implants that look rock-hard on their chests. The film also features Jay Richardson as a narrator, who occasionally pops up on screen to address the audience and further the story, which I assume is supposed to be funny, but it’s just distracting. Best rating I can give this film is 3 stars.

Oh yeah, the DVD also comes with a special “hooter horn” option, which you could turn on. And with it on, a special horn sound goes off whenever a woman is about to reveal her bare breasts on camera.


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