This is something different than what I usually review here. I was reading something about genies, and I looked on Amazon and saw this for sale. It’s a short story, 38 pages, sold by itself digitally for $2.99, so I bought it and read it. Written by Robert Jeschonek (or Robert T. Jeschonek as he’s billed here), the text says that this story was previously published as “The Wish of A Wish” in some other anthology book, now available separately.

The story takes place in world like our own except one were magic is real, and publicly accepted. Oliver Singel is an officer for a federal agency called The Department of Mystic Revenue, which taxes magic users. No, I don’t know how that could really work, but that’s the premise here. Today Oliver has a dangerous assignment, he goes to see a man named Rudy Gunza, who happens to be Oliver’s ex-partner. But Rudy went dirty, stole a genie from her former master, and now has used her to make him a wealthy man, and Oliver is there, ostensibly, to receive the tax that Rudy owes on his magical money.

Rudy, a truly repellent character, has no intention of paying a dime. Magda is his genie, whom he has been clearly physically abusing. And one of the things that made Rudy go bad and steal Magda is his anger that Oliver got a promotion that Rudy felt he deserved. So now he has Rudy in his house, and he’s got Magda whose magical powers are apparently unlimited, and whom must obey his every command. Well, that doesn’t look too good for Oliver, who is now in grave danger.

How can he possibly survive this? Good question! Read the story and find out!

It’s a very exciting short story full of drama and suspense that never lets up and just builds from the first page until it reaches a crescendo at the end. All I’ll say about the ending is that’s it’s clever and unique. I recommend this with a Chacebook rating of FIVE STARS


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