The world knows Ed Hiccox and Nate Graft as the young, brilliant co-founders of YourLife, a social networking company that has changed the way the world connects with each other. The world knows “sve_Urs3lf” as the largest white-hat hacking group on the planet, exposing information and sparking revolutions across the globe. What the world doesn’t know is that this is a lie. Ed Hiccox and Nate Graft are sve_Urs3lf. When their operation is discovered by the US Government, and their company is taken over by military contracts and CIA, Ed and Nate must face the real world beyond the code and choose between friendship and what they believe to be right.

Here’s another comic-book series that isn’t the type I would usually because, as it’s not my in any of preferred genres (superheroes,sci-fi,fantasy). What made me take notice of it was the involvement of Alyssa Milano. If you’re a heterosexual male who grew up in the 80’s, like me, then there’s probably a good chance that at some point you had a bit of a crush on Samantha Micelli from Who’s The Boss?. Well, little Samantha is all grown up now, and just as fine as ever. And she created the concept for this title which was published by Archaia Black Label earlier this year. I recall seeing an interview with her talking about the planned comic sometime last year, but didn’t think much of it, and so I didn’t buy it when it originally came out, despite some rave reviews I saw for it. Then when it was collected in trade a few weeks ago there was some more publicity so I decided to go ahead and look up the first issue on Comixology and was immediately blown away by it. I then quickly bough the rest of the series.

I don’t want to spoil too much but, as the promo states, it’s about two young men who created a brand new social network which has taken the world by storm and made them billionaires. But they’re also secretly a covert cyberhacking entity called sve_Urs3lf, spreading government secrets and exposing corruption like real life Julian Assange and Wikileaks, or Anonymous. But then they get busted by the C.I.A. A female agent named Brynn Ori then essentially blackmails them into allowing a U.S. government takeover of their company, and using it to monitor and commit cyber-attacks against rogue foreign governments. One of the founders appears to go along with it, while the other objects and goes on the run and continues to use sve_Urs3lf to encourage an uprising (ala “the Arab Spring”) in a foreign country and bring down its dictatorial government, against the wishes of the U.S. So Agent Ori demands that the remaining founder use his resources to bring his former partner, and best friend, to justice or else he and his whole company are doomed.

High-tech, political intrigue, wealth, power, and drama. This series has it all. Milano enlisted writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing to carry out her vision, and they keep you engrossed from start to vision with a story that includes several twists and turns before it’s over. And artists Marcus To and Ian Herring provide the visual with excellent precision. In addition to being well-written, it’s a very good looking book.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

Available in Hardcover for you luddites via AMAZON, or you can get either the collection or the individual issues digitally via COMIXOLOGY

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