Mutual Needs

mutual needs

Written by George Ayvas and Dode B. Levenson, and directed by Robert Angelo, this film stars Rochelle Swanson who, as I said when I first reviewed a film of hers, Secret Games 3 is one of the sexiest actresses to ever appear in softcore films. With her big voluptuous breasts this woman was a goddess. She only appeared in relatively few softcore/erotic thrillers during the 90’s (as well as the b-movie western Hard Bounty) but she made quite an impression whenever she did. If she’d made more she could have easily rivaled Shannon Tweed (whom she co-starred with in Night Fire) for the crown of Queen of Late-Night Erotica. But I digress.

First, don’t be fooled by Richard Grieco’s top-billing and prominent placement on the box cover, his role is significant but relatively minor in this film. The main star of this film is Eric Scott Woods, he plays Michael. Michael is an average guy, working in a cubicle. When his 10-year High School reunion comes up, Michael is embarrassed about not having a date, so he calls an escort service to hire a woman to go with him. Rochelle plays Charlene, the escort who shows up to his door. He’s immediately blown away by her (who wouldn’t be) and she helps him pick out a new suit to wear and they go to the reunion where she pretends to be his wife, and everyone is impressed, including Michael’s former classmate Brandon (Grieco), who is now a very successful businessman. He invites Michael and Charlene over to his house for dinner with him and his wife (who is played by Charlotte Lewis, who is best known for being Eddie Murphy’s love interest in The Golden Child and for making out with a topless Alyssa Milano in Embrace The Vampire). So a few days later Michael hires Charlene to come with him to Brandon’s where Brandon offers Michael a job at his company, with his own office and a six-figure salary.

Soon, with Charlene’s guidance, it’s like Michael is a whole new man. She finds a fancy house for him to buy and a fancy convertible sports car for him to drive, and she’s living with him, playing the role of perfect “corporate wife.” Michael doesn’t question her motives because, as far as he’s concerned, she’s been his good luck charm. Ever since he met her, his professional life has gotten better and she’s taking care of him at home (including LOTS of hot sex). What could go wrong?

Well, of course, it turns out that Charlene has ulterior motives. We find out that she’s got a history of seducing men and using identity theft to steal money from them. She starts opening new credit card in his name and running up debts. When she even goes after Brandon, it looks like Michael’s great new lifestyle, both professional and personal, could be in danger. Can he expose Charlotte and get her out of his life before it’s too late? NO SPOILERS!

The only other information that I will spoil are the sex scenes. There aren’t many in this film, but the ones we have are incredible. Swanson and Wood have 4 full sex scenes in this film, each about 3-4 minutes long. And if you think you’ll get tired watching the same two actors have sex over and over, trust me, YOU WON’T. They manage to keep it sexy. The longest scene is like 4:40 minutes, but the first half of it is Rochelle performing a private strip-tease for Wood’s character. Starting in a sexy black dress she strips down to lingerie (black bra, panties, garter belt and stockings), then the bra comes off as she twirls around and gyrates like an expert stripper (while a seductive song that I can’t find out the name or the artist, but the lyrics are something about “she’s a tainted girl”), and then the action moves to the bed.

Each scene burns up the screen and are worth getting the film just for that. Later Charlotte seduces Brandon but, for some reason, they don’t actually show them having sex. It would have been nice to have a 5th sex scene with Swanson in it, but I’m not going to complain. There is a 5th sex scene in this film, it’s between Woods and Tricia Lee Pascoe, who plays a woman Michael was going out with. The film opens with them having sex in his apartment, but then she dumps him right afterwards, which is why he didn’t have a date for the reunion.

Also notable is Christopher Atkins, best known for getting stranded on an island with Brook Shields and banging J.R. Ewing’s wife, in a supporting role as a coworker of Michael’s at Brandon’s company. And don’t blink or you’ll miss Dee Wallace-Stone, best known as the mother in E.T., as a secretary.

A most excellent film. Worthy of a Chacebook rating of FIVE STARS

Unfortunately, the unrated version of this film doesn’t appear to be available on DVD. I’ve tried to search for it for years. I have this film on VHS tape, from when I first recorded it off TV way back when it was first produced, but I would love to have it on DVD. If anyone can find it for sale anywhere, please let me know.

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