Here’s another collection of videos from Playboy, similar to Playboy’s Secret Confessions and Playboy’s Bedtime Stories. These are seven short vignettes, about 10 minutes each, that played on the Playboy channel back in the late-80’s/early 90’s. The tagline for this DVD says Sexually charged tales from Hollywood’s hottest young filmmakers. And checking IMDB many of the directors, writers, and actors went on to varying degrees of mainstream success (although this video isn’t listed on any of their IMDB pages).

The credits are incomplete for some of these vignettes, not all the writers are listed, nor the actors, but I recognized some of them.

Directed by Bill Freiberger
It’s about a man who inexplicably has the ability to change his face to look like other men. He uses this ability to trick women into having sex with him. First we see him use this trick on a woman played by Darcy DeMoss, making himself look like her husband, who is played by Steve Hytner. They begin to have sex, but then her real husband unexpectedly turns home and catches them in bed, so the man runs out the door and quickly changes into another man. Then he tries it on another woman, played by Barbara Alyn Woods, pretending to be her lover. But, unbeknownst to him, she hates the real guy and is planning to kill him.

Technically, what the man is doing is RAPE, since the women aren’t really consenting to have sex with “him.” But it’s still an entertaining little episode.

Directed by Bette Gordon and written by Peter Koper.
Isobelle Fortea and Kristin Hearn play a couple of women who take a limousine to go meet their boyfriends for a double date. On the way there they stop at a bodega to pick up some condoms and end up picking up a handsome stranger (played by Michael Masse) and then having a threesome with him in the backseat of the limo, all the while the driver (Ray Vega) watches in the rearview mirror.

This is my favorite and the hottest scene in this collection.

Written and directed by Scott Zakarin.
Roger Rose plays a man who has no luck with women, trying all sorts of different pickup lines and fake personalities but always striking out. Until one night at a bar the bartender (Mark Nassar) gives him a special drink which allows Roger to read women’s minds. He uses this ability to successfully pickup and seduce a woman, played by Monique Gold, by reading her mind to know exactly what she wants to hear and what turns her on.

Another funny scene, with a little “twist” at the end.

Directed by Lipo Ching, and written by Beth A. Salmon.
Brendon Higgins plays the concierge at a high-end apartment building. As he collects the mail for one wealthy couple he reads a series of postcards that the wife, played by the legendary Monique Parent, sends to her husband as she’s on a vacation, and he imagines her in various exotic locals, stripping naked and posing, until he finally meets her in person for a sexual encounter in her penthouse suite.

This scene automatically gets high-marks just for the appearance of Monique Parent in it. She’s always incredible.

Written and directed by Tom Lazarus.
Tommy Roberts plays a private detective hired by a man, played by Peter Barber, to follow the man’s wife, played by Carrie Janisse, to see if she’s having an affair. Robert follows her and films her having sex with another man, played by Mark T. Simon, and delivers the film to her husband.

This is another scene with an interesting “twist” at the end.

Written and directed by Michael Ahnemann
Ashlie Rhey (aka Ashley Rhey) plays a young actress that goes to the mansion of a movie director, played by Brian Schwartz, to audition for a role. The audition consists of her frolicking around his huge estate in various stages of undress until they finally have sex on his dinner table.

The storyline didn’t make that much sense. But the sex scene at the end is worth watching.

Directed by Vicangelo Bullock.
An actress credited as Carrie-Lee plays a woman who visits the home of her recently deceased grandfather. And in the attic she discovers an old bottle that contains a genie, played by porn star Felecia Danay (also known as just Felecia, Felecia Dannay, and is credited here as Felicia Russel), who reveals that she was the woman’s grandfather’s sexual companion for the past 5 years of his life and is now ready to do the same for her. The women have lesbian sex, and at one point the genie transforms into a male, played by Mark Lester, and they have sex again.

My second favorite scene of this collection.

Altogether a decent collection of scenes from Playboy. It’s worth watching, although it is out of print and can be expensive to acquire now. Chacebook rating: 4 STARS

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  1. I remember seeing some of these short films back in the 1990’s. There was another story about a couple that get it on in an elevator, it was titled “I get out here”, but I’ve never been able to find that short film anywhere online.


    • I remember that one too! I can picture it in my head. It was a man and woman getting into the bottom elevator of some high rise building, having made a bet where the man has to try and give her an ogasm by the time they reached the top floor. She wore a skirt and first he started by getting on his knees and eating her out, and then by standing and fucking her up against the wall. Except occasionally the elevator would stop and people would get on, so the couple would have to quickly adjust their clothes and wait until the people got off.

      There’s a bunch of other vignettes like this that I remember and would like to see again. But Playboy has been extremely lax in this department, Not much of their old Playboy Channel material has been released on DVD.


  2. Man, you hit the right nail on the head there and eloquently put, that’s the exact scene. Very very hot film. Pity it’s lost in the Ether. Just one of those things, but thanks for you reply Chase.


  3. Just wondering if anybody might have gotton their hands on the vignette clip I was talking about above by Playboy. From approx mid ninties.


    • I’m afraid not, Johnny. The sucky part about it is that it might be available on one of those clip sites, Like Nitro Video or Erotic4u, but I’d need to know the name of the actress in the scene in order to be able to look her up. I can picture her in my head, but I can’t think of what else I may have seen her in, so I can’t find out who she is.


      • If your still interested the vignette you’re talking about, “I get out here”. Was part of a movie called Erotic showcase released in 1994. I’m 99.9% sure that the actress’ name is Anastasia Alexander. Not been able to track the scene down online. The movie itself seems to be pretty rare. If anyone finds it let me know. Would love to see it again also.


      • Interesting! I’ve looked up that actress on IMDB (she was also known as Raven Alexander) and then Erotic4U and NitroVideo. Yes, that is definitely the actress from that scene! Unfortunately, neither of the later sites have that scene, and it’s not listed in her IMDB credits. I’m guessing “erotic showcase” was the name Playboy was presenting those vignettes under. But, as I said, Playboy hasn’t made much of that old material available now.


  4. You made my decade! For at least 10 years, I’ve been trying to find the films specially sensual spirit on dvd or original streams, your detail description finally help me locate the dvd for it via amazon. I thank you for your detail and source. Stay safe during this new era friend.

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  5. Yeah, pretty sure it was released outside the US as Erotic Showcase. I saw it in the UK and the VHS/DVD is available in Japan (seems pretty rare though). Just thought you’d like the info. If I ever find it? I’ll let you know.

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