I have this 1998 film on an VHS tape, recorded off TV, where it is called LOVE GAMES, not to be confused with the 2001 film of the same name. This film is notable for co-starring the Late Great Lorissa McComas, one of the sexiest softcore actresses to every grace the screen. She was an unbelievable sexy woman who also had innocent look to her. She will always be missed.

Written by Chris Fickle and directed by Dave Tanaka, this film centers one two friendly married couples. Jade (McComas) and Gary (Jason Kerwin) and Sharon (Sage Kirkpatrick) and Ted (Tim Holmes aka Christian Holmes aka T.C. Holmes). Both couples are in love, but one night while out to dinner the men and women confide in each other that their sex lives have gotten boring and routine (the film opens with a brief scene of Jade and Gary having sex in bed, following by a scene of Sharon and Ted having sex in their bathroom, but both couples are unenthusiastic). The owner of the restaurant, a mysterious man named Lucius (Mark Vasconcellos) comes to their table and makes some comments about their sex lives, which they don’t appreciate. When they leave and go back to Jade and Gary’s, they find a gift waiting for them, it’s a small triangular glowing board. What happens is, whomever puts their hand on it finds themselves experiencing a realistic sexual fantasy.

First to try it is Jade, who finds herself in a bikini sitting by an outside pool. A handsome man
(Miles Swain) comes out of the pool and her and Jade have sex. Gary tries it next. And he finds himself in a sauna. A beautiful naked woman (Tiffany Gonzáles aka  Elisa Maldonado) joins him in the sauna and then they have sex. Then Sharon tries it, and finds herself in a Middle Eastern harem, and is joined by a handsome Prince (Chookie Sibuo) and they have sex. And finally it’s Ted’s turn. He’s in an elevator, a beautiful woman (Christy Jaeger) gets on and then the elevator gets stuck between floors, and they have sex.

Over the next few days the couples continue to get together and keep using the board. So we’re treated to more vignettes. Gary has sex with a cheerleader (Nenna Quiroz aka Lisa Throw) in a locker-room. Sharon is in prison, where she strips in her cell for a prison guard (Rico Riconi) who then joins her in the cell and they have sex. But then Sharon starts to think that they’re all using the board too much, living in the fantasy world instead of the real world. So she and Ted decide to stop using the board, and we get a scene of them having sex in their bed, now more committed to each other and their marriage.

But Jade and Gary don’t stop using the board. Sharon and Ted try to convince them to give it up, but it’s like they’ve become addicted to it, spending all their time in the board’s fantasy world. Worried for their friends, Sharon and Ted go to Jade and Gary’s house and grab and the board and take it outside and smash it to pieces, but when they go back inside there’s a brand new board already sitting there. At once point Sharon tries to talk to Jade alone about quitting the board, Jade instead tries to seduce Sharon. It almost works, as both women get topless and kiss each other’s breasts, but the Jade snaps out of it (dammit), and leaves. Soon Jade and Gary are trapped in the fantasy world.

Basically it turns out that Lucius is the Devil, and he’s using the board to steal Jade and Gary’s souls. Sharon and Ted have to race to rescue their friends. The only way is to use the board and join them in the fantasy world and convince them to leave before it’s too late and they all get stuck there. Do they succeed? Well, that would be spoiler…

So the film gets a little weird at the end, but until that point it’s a decent movie. The sexual fantasy vignettes are hot. The only downside are that a couple of them are shot in slow motion for some reason, which is a little distracting. But overall I liked it. Chacebook rating: 4 STARS

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