Directed by Edward Holzman, who co-wrote the film with Meriam Castel, this 1996 film from Playboy Cinema stars Matthew Sullivan as Barry, a private investigator. One day he’s hired by a woman named Jane (Leslie Zemeckis aka Leslie Harter aka Lesley Lindsay) to search for her missing younger sister Jessica (Teresa Politi aka Teresa Langley). He follows her trail to a small town called Lost Lake. Along the way he picks up an attractive young hitchhiker named Trix (Jacqueline Lovell) who ends up tagging along with him as he follows clues to Jessica’s disappearance. Together they uncover evidence of a secret all-female druidic cult called Daughters of Darkness that worship a demonic entity named Damien, whom they’re planning to resurrect on a special day they call Solstice. Shauna O’Brien and Leslie Olivan play Connie and Diane, two cult members who set their sights on Barry and plan to use him in their rituals, which involves sex and human sacrifice. Will Barry be able to rescue Jessica make it out alive? Watch the film to find out!

Storywise this is a pretty intriguing film, with it’s supernatural elements and thrilling mystery. Right up to the end it leaves the audience guessing as to weather or not “Damien” is real or if this is just a fraud, and ends with a satisfying conclusion. And that’s not even counting the sex scenes, which are numerous.

Our lucky hero Barry has 5 sex scenes, one with Kira Reed Lorsch who plays a police detective named Carole whom he was dating and sleeps with just before he leaves to find Jessica, plus a scene with Trix, one with Jane, one with Connie and then a threesome with Connie and Diane. In addition to her scene with Barry, Trix has a scene with James Wlcek, who plays Frank, a guy who works at the hotel in Lost Lake and then her own lesbian threesome with Connie and Diane. It’s a hot stuff, this is a good looking cast who knows how to make the sex look realistic. This film makes you nostalgic for the days when softcore films had decent budgets and tried to give you an actual story. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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