The Pride #2

The team is now formed! But when a literal trial by fire pops up, will they be ready? Moreover, will the world be ready? And just what is the villainous Reverend up to?

As per the previous issue, the masked vigilante called Wolf was the last member Fabman recruited for the team. This issue opens with Fabman introducing him to the rest of the members and telling them that Wolf will be the field leader who is also responsible for training them. Despite being the only non-powered member, he’s extremely skillful and they all accept his position. We also get some background info about Wolf, as he used to be a member of the Justice Division, the biggest mainstream super-team, but he was eventually kicked because…well, I don’t want to give too many spoilers but considering the premise of this title I’m sure most of you can figure that out for yourselves. And this is why he’s happy to have this new chance with The Pride, and he’s determined to make them an effective fighting unit. But their first full training session is interrupted when a fire breaks out at a local gay bar. The team makes their first public appearance and when the smoke clears (literally and figuratively), the media learns about this new super-team. There is also a subplot carried over from the first issue, which I didn’t mention before, about a mysterious man simply known as The Reverend who is monitoring the team from a hidden headquarters. He looks like he set-up to become a major villain in this title.

A good solid second issue, writer Joe Glass gives us a proper mix of character moments and action scenes. I like the extra bits of background we’re given for Wolf and some of the other character, and possible romances are also foreshadowed. Gavin Mitchell returns as artist and once again does a fine job. And the main story is followed by two single-page spotlight stories, one about Angel, which is written and drawn by Joe Glass, and then the 2nd one is the origin of Muscle Mary, written by Glass with art by Cory Smith. Altogether this is another fine product from Queer Comix. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

available on comixology

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