Love and Capes #2

It’s wintertime, and Abby and Mark are keeping busy: a wedding, a canceled book signing and gift-getting anxiety have our Superguy and Not-quite-Super gal barely having time to enjoy the season. Will visiting their families give them the chance to enjoy the reason for the season or will it just result in more headaches?

It’s wintertime in Deco City, but first Mark flies Abby out to California so they can attend a friend’s wedding. After the festivities they return home. Mark has a new problem in that he can’t think of what to give Abby for Christmas. Visiting the neighboring city of Chronopolis, he talks to his friend Darkblade who, as “the world’s greatest detective”, offers to do a little private investigating to see if can find out what Abby wants. Mark agrees, and Darkblade goes undercover and follows Abby and Charlotte as they go shopping the next day, but he doesn’t come up with any answers. We do see that Abby’s got the same problem, as she can’t imagine what to give a superhero for Christmas. So that’s the main ongoing plot in this issue, with each person dreading the exchange of gifts on Christmas. The subplot is preparing to meet each other’s families, first Abby and Mark visit Mark’s parents on Christmas Eve, where all goes well. And then they spend Christmas with Abby’s family, which includes her parents, Charlotte, and her brother Quincy. And in the end, all I’ll say is that they each manage to find the PERFECT gifts for each other.

Another great issue, with drama, comedy, and heart. There’s a funny bit where Mark takes Abby up to the Liberty League satellite, and she has to watch as Amazonia gives Mark a great gift, which makes her feel even more insecure. There’s also a sequence where a popular children’s book author had to cancel an appearance at Abby’s bookstore, so she convinces Mark to stand-in as The Crusader, to talk to all the kids who showed up, which turns out to be funny and also somber moment. Once again, writer/artist Thomas F. Zahler just nails the characterizations of these people, I’m really enjoying this.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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