Love and Capes #3

Abby’s sister, Charlotte, can’t take it anymore: the Supercouple is starting to drive her Super-crazy. With Valentine’s Day coming up, Abby thinks all that Charlotte needs is a date. Going online for her search, Charlotte runs into a guy that might just be who she is looking for. After all, what could go wrong when going on a date with a Super Villain?

So, following up the Christmas issue, we now get an issue revolving around Valentine’s Day. Charlotte is getting annoyed because Abby and Mark are always doing the lovey-dovey cutesy stuff that new couples do. Eventually, at Abby’s urging, she tries online dating and meets a guy. Mark is suspicious and does some investigating and finds out that Abby’s date is actually a supervillain, so her and Darkblade show up during the date and arrest him. This leads Charlotte to ask Mark to set her up with Darkblade, which he finds a little odd. But Darkblade agrees and we see the two of them go out on their date, where they commiserate over their shared annoyance for how Abby and Mark act together sometimes. But does that lead to romance? Well, I’ll leave that plot detail unspoiled.

Another story involves Mark taking Abby to a party hosted by his teammate Mermanis, down in the undersea Kingdom of Atlantis. Unbeknownst to Abby, Amazonia was also invited to this party, and she shows up with her new boyfriend, a superhero named Major Might. At first Abby is happy to see that Amazonia is with someone else, but then suspects ulterior motives when Mark reveals that he considers Major Might to be a copycat of him. So Abby does a little investigating and finds out a pretty big secret about this new hero. Without spoiling that, well, let’s just say that if Mark/The Crusader is an analog for Superman, then Major Might is Captain Marvel…

Again, a fun and entertaining issue. Writer/artist Thomas F. Zahler is brilliantly giving us a romantic comedy tale, which fits all the traditional themes of dating and relationships, but adding superhero elements to it. And he’s doing it effortless. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

available on comixology

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