Tales From The Plex #1

An ongoing anthology series showcasing the best and brightest new creators and characters! Each black and white issue features multiple stories including an introduction page from series hosts Fut and the Timebots!

This 28-page comic features 5 stories. It opens with VIRTUA GIRL by writer DANN (aka Daniel Lundie, as Chris J. Powers) and artist Matthew Weldon. This 9-page story is Jenn, a video-game designer who is preparing to launch a new virtual reality game called Virtua Girl. The launch is expected to be huge, and the future of her company, Jenncorp., is riding on its success. The day before the launch Jenn tries out the game herself, putting on her game-helmet we watch as she is launched into the virtual reality realm where she is transformed into the superheroine Virtua Girl. In an endless forest she can fly and project bolts of energy from her hands, and faces an evil villain and a giant spider. When the thrilling adventure is ended, Jenn comes to the crushing realization that the game is addictive, and if she unleashes it on the world she risks creating a legion of addicts. What does she do?!? NO SPOILERS

This is the perfect story to open this series, nice action, with a moral dilemma, and some beautiful artwork.

This story would later be expanded upon in a special one-shot issue.

IT’S THE BEER TALKING: IT’S A SLOW NIGHT by writer Russell Hillman and artist Sergio Calvet Renedo is a 6-page story that revolves around three men in a bar one talking about a bunch of stuff. There’s something a rock band, going skateboarding, a misunderstanding with a language-interpreter, a successful comic-book publisher.

I know I’m not making this sound very interesting, but it’s something you just have to read for yourself. Hillman’s writes witty and natural-sounding banter between the three friends, which makes the story flow very well, and Renedo’s cartoon-ish art-style fits the tone very well.

CROWS FOLLOW is s 4-page prose story by Cassie Summer with a single accompanying image by Brian J. Crowley. Taking place in a small town, a 13 year old boy named James accidentally kills a crow which was the pet of an old woman named Hagatha, whom everyone in town assumed to be a witch. James hopes that Hagatha won’t find out what happened to her crow, or that it was he who did it, and tries to go about his day acting normal, but finds himself hounded by…well, I won’t say anymore, for fear of spoilers. But I really enjoyed this story. Summer builds the suspense from the opening paragraph all the way to the climax. She has a knack for horror-writing which is evident, making this, in my opinion, the stand-out story of this issue.

GUSSY & PETERSHARK written and drawn by Jesse Farrell is a one-page story where an old man and talking teddy bear discuss comic-books. Short but sweet.

This is a nice collection of stories from a group of rising talents. Chacebook rating: 5 STARS


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