This is it! The mind-bending, reality-altering reveal of what happened to turn a long-lost Russian cosmonaut into the godlike being known as DIVINITY! But there are some things even gods can’t do – a lesson that DIVINITY may not learn easily. Can the super-powered heroes of the world contain the rage of a mad god? The earth-shattering conclusion to Matt Kindt and Trevor Hairsine’s sci-fi epic will have long-term ramifications for the entire Valiant Universe!

Well, when this series began I believe that it showed much promise, based on it’s incredibly intriguing premise. But in the second and third issues it began to flounder, in my opinion, as nothing much of consequence happened. I’d hope that this would at least lead to a dramatic ending for this miniseries.

Those hopes were, unfortunately, not realized.

Most of the issue has Abram seeing visions of Eva and their daughter, Anya. He’s apparently resurrected them, or their spirits, in order to make up for the 50 years he missed. As he talks, both women grow older, Anyway starts as a little girl and turns into an adult as Eva is a young woman and becomes an older one. But both are actually long dead, and Eva begins to realize this, and pleads for Abram to let them go, since they don’t belong their anymore.

As this is going on, the super-team UNITY continue working on a plan to contain Abram. Livewire makes a comment that “Digital recordings of his wife and daughter are working”, which implies that Abram is not in control of these visions after all, but that remains unclear (at least to me). So as Abram is “talking” to Eva and Anya, Unity is attacking him in the “real world.” Except then we see hundreds of people, calling themselves Travelers, who have come to the Outback to worship Abram, they consider him their God now, and so they attack Unity, who have to try to defend themselves without harming or killing any of these civilians.

In the end Abram is contained in some kind of sphere, but in his mind he’s still talking to Anya in the Outback. Unity takes him back to their headquarters, where their superiors decide what to do with him. Meanwhile, the remaining Travelers back in Australia vow to find him and free him. And then we get an add for an upcoming sequel miniseries. With a rather provocative image:


We’re also told that before that Abram will be appearing in issue #7 of another Valiant series, IMPERIUM. But as for this series, I’m sorry to say that it just did not live up to it’s potential. A God-like being who was Black and Communist, returning to Earth after 50 years in space? That’s gold! Instead we got 4 issues of the character floating around doing much of nothing. How disappointing. The only thing really to recommend is Trevor Hairsine’s beautiful artwork.

Chacebook rating: 3 STARS


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