This 1997 film is written by David Keith Miller and directed by Rick Blaine. Judy Thompson stars as Janie, a young woman who works as a research assistant in a lab at a local college, where her live-in boyfriend Michael (played by Rob Moses), works as a Teacher’s Assistant for Professor Sterling (played by Michael Phenicie, credited here as John Logan). As the film opens Janie and Michael appear to be happy together, they’re sneakingly having sex in Sterling’s office while Sterling is in the middle of teaching a class right outside the door. But later that night back at their apartment Judy complains about how they never have much time for each other lately because they both have been working so much (hence, why they have to sneak in a quicky during class).

Kim Yates plays Frankie, who is Janie’s longtime friend, though they hadn’t seen each other in awhile. Judy says that both she and Frankie used to party a lot and get wild together when they were younger. Now Frankie says she’s going to be attending college. But Frankie still doesn’t seems to have changed her wild ways. That night she shows up, kind of drunk, at Janie and Michael’s place, so they let her stay the night. After not so subtly offering to join Janie and Michael in bed (which they decline), Judy then goes out and picks up a random guy (Adam Blinn) and brings him back to the apartment to have sex with him. Hearing those two go at it in the living room wakes Janie and Michael up, and they have sex in their bedroom.

Things take a turn for the worse some time later when Janie finds some other woman’s jewelry in her bed, and confirms that Michael has cheated on her. She moves in with Frankie, and the two go out and get drunk and then come back to Frankie’s apartment, where Frankie seduces Janie and they have lesbian sex. Janie wakes up in the middle of the night to see that Frankie is mysteriously gone. The next day Janie goes back to her and Michael’s old apartment, only to find Michael laying in the bed, having been shot dead in the head. The police consider Janie to be the prime suspect in the murder, and she’s even forced by the college to quit her job. Janie suspects that Frankie may have killed Michael, out of jealousy over Janie, but she doesn’t want to go to the police until she can prove it. In the meantime she is invited to stay with Professor Sterling and his wife Ari (Cece Tsou, credited here as Cece Sinclair), who may have their own kinky motives for wanting her around…

NO SPOILERS for the ending, you’ll have to watch it for yourself to see how the mystery of Michael’s murder is resolved.

Coming near the end of the 90’s, this film is definitely in the “erotic thriller” mode of softcore films. It’s filmed on locations, not sets, with a heavy focus on plot, and a cast that is hired as much as for their acting skills as they are for their physical attractiveness and willingness to get naked on film. As the leading lady, Judy Thompson is a formidable presence, managing to somehow look both innocent and seductive. She shows quite an emotional range throughout this film, and she happens to be drop-dead gorgeous. Seeing her in this film makes me wish that she had continued acting in softcore films, as I think she could have been right up with the greats like Monique Parent or Shannon Whirry. But it doesn’t appear that she has done all that much acting, at least not on film, in the 18 years since. That’s a shame. But speaking of softcore veterans, Kim Yates absolutely shines in her role as Frankie. I’ve always enjoyed her work, and she does her usual great job here. Admittedly, the story itself is not the most complex, but it’s intriguing enough to make you want to stick through to the ending, to see who done it.

As for the sex scenes, let’s break it down. Judy has 4 altogether. Two with Moses, one with Kim, and she also has a threesome with Phenicie and Tsou. All 4 are hot, especially the threesome. CeCe Tsou is another woman whom, after seeing her here, I wish had done more softcore films. Judy also has a solo scene where she’s masturbating in a bed by herself at night, getting totally naked and at one point taking a hot candle and dripping candlewax on her breasts and stomach, before turning over and humping a pillow. That is also VERY HOT. In addition to her lesbian scene with Judy, Kim as two sex scenes, the aforementioned one with Blinn and another with a different man, played by William Briganti.

So it’s a pretty good film overall. The only thing keeping me from giving it a full 5 stars is that it’s filmed a lot in the dark. The sex scenes, scenes in various apartments, at clubs, it’s always night time or just the lights are out. So you can’t see as clear as I’d like (especially during the sex scenes). So the best I can give this is a Chacebook rating of 4 STARS


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