Co-writers Dwight D Coye and Bertram B Hubbard and artist Robert Walker returned for this 2nd issue of the Meteor Man miniseries. Picked up immediately after the ending of the first issue, Jefferson (SURPRISE!) managed to reach the meteor just as he was riddled with bullets. The meteor explodes about contact with Jeff and he is once again fully-powered. He quickly dispatches of the bad guys and then uses his powers to heal Mike. Then the two of them head quickly head to the airport to get back home (don’t know why Jeff doesn’t just fly them himself), but before they can get on a plane they are attacked by Malefactor and Ghost Strike, who were sent by Armand Skyy to stop them. After a brief battle, Jeff defeats the villains and he and Mike make it back to D.C.

There’s no relief back home, because as soon Jeff and Mike get off the plane, they are confronted by Simone Kane who has also been sent by Armand Skyy and now, somehow, due to whatever experiments Skyy performed on him, has regained all of his powers. Jeff changes into his costume and it’s Round 2 between Meteor Man and Simon. Again, unlike the movie, there is no joking or comedy here, this is a brutal superhero vs supervillain fight. And this ends on another dramatic cliffhanger, which may change Meteor Man forever…(NO SPOILERS).

At lost more action-packed than the first issue, giving Robert Walker a chance to flex his artistic muscles in those scenes. Questions still remain, such as who Armand Skyy is and what does he know about the meteor and Jeff. And, especially, if he’s able to react the meteor powers in Simon without the actual meteor, then why was he trying to hard to get the meteor before? That’s the sign of a good story, leaving you satisfying but still wanting more. So we’ll see how this continues. Chacebook rating: 4 STARS


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