Second Coming #1

This book begins with a rather humorous retelling of the Book of Genesis, God creating Adam and Even, then casting them out of the Garden of Eden after they ate the forbidden fruit, blah blah blah. Leading all the way up through Jesus’ crucifixion (which is something that God was not happy about), after which God just mostly gave up on the human race. Cut to the modern era, we see the superhero named Sunstar in action, defeating some evil robots. Sunstar is an obvious Superman analog, it’s known that he’s an alien from another planet. His real name is Ken, it’s not clear if that’s a secret, and he leaves with his girlfriend, a local TV reporter named Shiela Sharp. Lately Sunstar has been feeling a bit down because even with all of his super powers he’s not able to save everyone. He and Shiela are also unable to have a baby together, because of their different physiologies. But up in Heaven, God has taken notice of Sunstar, and he sends Jesus down to Earth to spend time with him for a while in order for Sunstar to teach him how to be a real hero.

So there’s the premise of this series, which got a lot of people up in arms and forced DC Comics to drop its plan to publish it. Thankfully the creators, writer Mark Russell and artist Richard Pace, have found a new home with Ahoy Comics. And I must say that I really enjoyed this book. But it’s not for the overly sensitive. However it’s not all satire. While the majority of the book is told with deliberate humor, it takes a serious turn in the final pages, when Jesus explains to Sunstar his real hope for humanity. It definitely made me want to keep reading. And it’s drawn pretty well, so it’s all good.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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