Star Bastard #2

This issue picks up soon after the dramatic ending of the first issue, in which Greeves and his crew managed to escape to safety, and have landed on a new planet. This planet is inhabited by a race of beings that of gaseous methane. These being have special suits that they slide into in order to become “solid” and interact with other races. It’s an interesting high-concept for an alien race, I must say.

Greeves and meet with the queen of this planet, and deliver some materials that they recovered from Emperor Moog’s homeworld, and their payment is the location of a mysterious figure that Greeves is searching for. But just as the deal is made, suddenly a large and heavily armed reptilian man named Grar who was hired to kill or capture Greeves crashes the meeting and begins to attack. Greeves needs to defend himself from Grar and get off the planet in-tact. No spoilers for how Greeves and crew get out of this jam.

Another exciting issue. Writer Andrew Clemson doesn’t waste time padding this book, he gets right to the action while revealing just the right amount of info you need as a reader to follow along, while also leaving enough mystery to make you want to stick around to learn more. This is the opposite of “decompression” and I love it! And artist Jethro Morales continues to do a good job in illustrating the action. STAR BASTARDS is shaping up to be quite a treat!



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