Star Bastard #3

This issue opens on a new planet, specifically in a bar on this alien planet. Greeves has shot up most of the patrons in the bar, searching for someone. Then he gets a lead from one of the aliens and he and his crew make a hasty retreat. Back onboard the Ghost Huffer, they discover that they have a stowaway. It’s Zhaaaax Fourteen, one of the gaseous aliens from the planet that they visited last issue. Fearing that he would be punished by his Queen, he hoped to escape and join Greeves’ crew as an engineer. He’s filled up what looks like an astronaut suit in order to interact with the crew. Greeves reluctantly accepts his offer, and then the ship is immediately attacked by one of Emperor Moog’s soldiers, who is seeking vengeances for Greeves’ affair with their Princess (as seen in issue #1). This time it’s just one ship, but they’re armed with a “tele-bomb” which they claim they can teleport directly onto the Ghost Huffer and detonate it, blowing them all to smithereens. Once again, no spoilers, you’ll have to read the issue to see how Greeves and crew get out of this one.

I swear, just when I think Andrew Clemson can’t top himself in the next issue, he does! And with artist Jethro Morales illustrating the action, STAR BASTARDS continues to entertain!



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