Star Bastard #4

Having survived last issue’s surprise attack, thanks to their new crewmember Zhaaaax Fourteen (who is strangely absent in this issue), The Ghost Huffer has now arrived at Meara-12, a “resort planet.” As described by Max before, it’s like “a big booze-filled Death Star covered in casinos.” Basically Las Vegas in Space. While Molly and Max settle down at the poolside bar getting drinks, Greeves heads to a luxury suite with a beautiful blue-skinned escort.

I really can’t say much more without some major spoilers. But this issue is basically The Secret Origin of Greeves, as he reveals quite a bit of his backstory, including who he’s on Meara-12 to look for and why, and it’s rather surprising. So at lot less action in this issue than in the previous three, but just as much suspense.

Overall I have to say that I’m definitely happy that I picked this book up. It’s a great sci-fi, space opera, action adventure series full of colorful characters. Writer/creator Andrew Clemson manages to find just the right balance between action and drama to constantly propel the story forward while keeping the readers hooked. And with artist Jethro Morales doing the illustrating, I think this is one great creative team that I hope sticks together for awhile.

The only downside for me is typical of when you “binge” something. Reading all four of these issues in one setting makes me greedy, now it’s going to have to suck to wait for each subsequent issue. Going by the inside publishing dates, it looks like each issue has been published on a monthly basis, so far, so hopefully that means that there are no delays, which is common among independent comics, and a new issue should come out sometime this month. Although, again, it still sucks that this title is not available digitally, and therefore I will have to keep checking the Scout Comics website and then order a physical copy of the next issue when I can. I wish I could just get it on Comixology. Oh well.



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