Space Bandits #2

Picking up from the first issue, Cody and Thena are stuck in The Crustacean, the notorious intergalactic prison (which is built on a giant dead floating lobster). Cody (who is confirmed to be an alien in this issue, despite her human-like appearance) has already been there for two years and gives Thena the rundown on the place and then tries to recruit her to help with her escape plan. It involves an annual fight-contest that is held in the prison once a year, where inmates face each other in MMA ring and the ultimate winner gets a full pardon. Thena initially declines and decides to instead enter the tournament to try to win her freedom But when her first fight doesn’t go well, she agrees to join Cody in her plan.

Cody’s worked out this plan with the aid of her pet lizard Cosmo, with whom she shares a telepathic bond, and whom she has inexplicably been allowed to keep with her in the prison. So she explains her plan to Thena, with the promise that after they escape they will team up to hunt down and kill all of the people who betrayed them and got them sent to prison. The first obstacle comes with the guards suddenly take Cosmo away, due to him being designated an endangered species. Nevertheless, Cody is positive that their escape plan can still work.

I won’t spoil any further details for how this plan is put into action, but I will say that I found it to be a clever story. And, once again I’m really enjoying Matteo Scalera’s artwork. This is shaping up to be a nice little sci-fi/space opera/revenge tale.



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