Hashtag Danger #4

As I noted in my last review of this series, this isn’t an easy series to review without spoiling the action. But the truth is, it’s not really the “action” that’s the most appealing thing about this series. It really comes down to the interaction between the lead characters. Desiree is always annoying everyone with her attempts to gain fame and lack of attention to details, Einstein annoys everyone with his snobbish personality and his belief in various conspiracy theories, and Sugar Rae is annoying everyone with her brash personality and being prone to violence. The bickering and insults that they trade back and forth are half the fun of reading this. Yet despite these differences, writer Tom Peyer someone manages to make these characters feel like a real team, albeit a dysfunctional team, who are often their own worst enemies. And I’m continually impressed by the artwork of Chris Giarrusso, who draws this in an animated-like style that makes this feel like an old school superhero comic, yet one that appeals to a modern audience.

In this issue, the team returns from their trip to the moon, where Einstein is then forced to clean out their “supervillain trap”, which has protected their headquarters. Then they get involved in a new adventure which involves time-travel, greedy capitalists, a secret society of villains, and evil doppelgangers, all once again ending in a surprising twist.

And then in addition to the book-length main feature, we get the regular backup series, SNELSON, by Paul Constant and Fred Harper, which I’ve been finding just as enjoyable in each issue. In this story WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH MANHATTAN? Snelson is performing on stage when he gets interrupted by a heckler and we see how he handles that (hint: not well).

This is truly a great book. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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