The Atoms Family #1


the atoms family 1If you’re a creative person, particularly a writer, I’m sure you’ve had many instances where you’ve come across some new product and think to yourself “why didn’t I think of that?!?” Well, that’s exactly the thought that ran through my head when I saw this comic book listed for sale on Comixology last week. That Atoms Family, an obvious pun on the classic TV series The Addams Family which immediately sparks an image of superheroes. I almost can’t believe that it hasn’t been done before this.

Created and written by Kevin Grievioux, who has published this on his own Darkstorm Comics label, and drawn by Javier Giangiacomo, this issue introduces us to this family of new Black superheroes. This family consists of married couple Alonzo and Berniece Adams, and their children L’Tanyamika and Junior. A quick recap of their origin shows that while on a road-trip vacation they unwittingly drove through a secret atomic test site and got caught in an atomic blast. Astoundingly they all survived and found themselves imbued with superhuman abilities. Cleverly Grievioux avoids the trope of giving each member a different superpower, they were each now invulnerable, super-strong, super-fast, had super-freezing breath, and could shoot lasers from their eyes. Collectively deciding to use their new powers for good, they adopted costumed identities of The Atoms family, with Alonzo as Mr. Atoms, Berniece as Ms. Atoms, L’Tanyamika as Sister Atoms, and Junior as Kid Atoms. Notably, as they don’t wear masks (or gloves) I presume that their identities are publicly known, ala The Fantastic Four. In the present, a mad (Black) scientist named Doctor Boozhay has built and unleashed a giant robot on the city of New Tropolis, specifically to draw out and get revenge against The Atoms Family. The Atoms leap into action to save the day.

So that’s the basic bare-bones plot. This issue is filled with superheroic action as we see the heroes face off against the robot while trying to protect the innocent civilians in the city. But what really makes this story shine is in the characterization of the heroes. This book is written (and drawn) as a call-back to classic Saturday morning cartoons (which I could easily see this adapted to). There’s no explicit violence or adult language, and there’s a heavy emphasis on humor, as even while facing the villain the Atoms Family members are constantly sniping at each other, much like a sitcom family. It’s funny without becoming silly. And Giangiacomo’s animated art-style fits the tone of the comic perfectly. The Atoms Family is an action-packed all-ages tale that I think you will enjoy, and I certainly hope to see more issues in the future.

Chacebook rating: 5 STARS


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