Nightcap episode 11: Sexual Competitors

Peggy Trentini 

Sexual Competitors is the 11th episode of Nightcap. Written by Daryl Haney and directed by David Nicholas, this episode stars Brad Bartram as Madison. Madison is unemployed and has been desperately looking for work. He sees an ad in a porn magazine advertising a contest for couples to send in their homemade sex videos, and whoever’s video is judged the sexiest wins $50,000. He broaches the subject to his girlfriend Samantha and she is so disgusted that she immediately breaks up with him and refuses to answer any of his calls where he begs her to take him back. 

Madison goes to the bar and commiserates with Nikki and Kim (Tane McClure and Kim Yates), who then suggest setting him up with a friend of theirs named Heather. They tell him that Heather is a wild woman, and might even be interesting in entering that contest with him. Madison sort of reluctantly agrees to meet her, and the ladies get him to promise that if Heather agrees and they win the contest, he has to give the two of them 10% of the award money. So Madison and Heather go out and immediately hit it off, and have sex. Afterward she finds his porn magazine and reads about the contest, and asks him about it. At first, he says he never planned to ask her to join, but she says she might be interested. 

The next night Madison shows up at the bar again, this time with a woman named Corin (Taimie Hannum). When Nikki and Kim see him with her, they just assume that things must not have worked out between Madison and Heather. Madison and Corin sneak off into the men’s room and, strangely, Nikki and Kim seem totally okay with the fact that two people are clearly about to have sex in their men’s room. Then Heather shows up, asking them about Madison, and the two ladies become flustered, not knowing what to say to her. Heather goes into the men’s room and catches Madison and Corin having sex, and she pulls a video camera out of her purse and joins them.

The episode ends sometime later, Madison and Heather show up at the bar, Madison said he’s finally gotten and job and he and Heather are about to go on a trip to the Bahamas to celebrate. But unfortunately, they didn’t win the sex tape contest, but they’re happy anyway, so all’s well that ends well.

A decent episode with three hot sex scenes, all involving Brad Bartram. One with Peggy Trenti, one with Raquel Devine, and then one with Taimie Hannum that turns into a threesome with Hannum and Devine. Three smokin’ hot, three sex scenes. And Bartram is a softcore veteran who also does a good job as an actor too. So this is one of the better episodes of the series
Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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