Billed as a direct sequel to the first film, this 2002 film has a different creative team, the experienced writing duo of April White and Edward Gorsuch and director Robert Kubilos. It also has an entirely new cast. This time Renee Rea is in the starring role of Jennifer. It seems like Renee is supposed to be the same character that Madison Clark played in the first film (we get a last name in this film, she’s Jennifer Slain, which hadn’t been revealed in the first film). There’s a line where someone comments on how she’s changed her hair, which could even explain why she looks different. And several references are made to Galen, the vampire who turned Jennifer and then killed himself. But some of the background details don’t quite add up. But then this isn’t the first sequel to retcon some of the events of its predecessor.

The film begins with Jennifer having been recently bitten and turned, and coming to terms with her new status as a vampire. She had a boyfriend named Peter (Sean Vossler), who didn’t appear in the first film, and he shows up at her apartment looking for her because she’s been out of touch with him and all of their friends for the past few days. Jennifer tells Peter that she met someone else who “changed” her, and so she’s leaving. Peter tries to talk her out of it, and they have sex, but then she still leaves.

Jennifer moves to a new loft that was previously owned by Galen, it’s across the street from a goth nightclub called Pulsate. The club is run by Lizzie and Jack (Catalina Larranaga and Tristen Coeur D’Alene), a pair of vampires who knew Galen and were expecting Jennifer’s arrival. Lizzie is a born vampire, over 2800 years old, we don’t know how old Jack is, but she turned him and they’ve been together for several decades, at least. Lizzie and Jack take it upon themselves to befriend Jennifer and instruct her on how to live as a vampire, including training her on how to use her powers and how to feed on humans without killing them, in order to remain undetected by the public and authorities.

Lizzie and Jack use their club to find their victims, often having sex with them, or enticing them to have sex with each other while they watch, and then biting them afterward, only biting them enough to satisfy their hunger without killing them or turning them into vampires. It’s clear that the mix of sex and blood is what turns them all on, and many of their victims enjoy the act of being bitten too, although it’s unclear if they remember it afterward or if Lizzie and Jack are using some kind of hypnosis on them.

Jennifer takes to this new lifestyle eagerly, but there’s a conflict growing between Lizzie and Jack, as Jack thinks Lizzie is getting too reckless. And then Peter shows up, and he thinks something is wrong with Jennifer, but he gets kicked out of the club by Jack. Later he gets picked up and seduced and bitten by Lizzie. He also meets a mysterious man named Van, as in Van Helsing, played by John Colton. He wants to kill Lizzie, as she’s one of the most dangerous types of vampires.

I’ll go ahead and spoil the ending.

There’s a big confrontation at the club where Lizzie kills Van Helsing and Jennifer kills Lizzie. And Peter sees that Jennifer is happy with Jack so he just leaves. And it ends with Jennifer and Jack going off somewhere together.

I liked this film much better than the first one, maybe because it didn’t try to be too deep? This is basically just a movie about a bunch of hot people who happened to be vampires who like to have sex. The ending was a little abrupt, and I feel like the Van Helsing character was completely unnecessary, but it was good up to that point. And it’s a good cast, Renee Rea does a fine job in the lead, she’s believable as a young woman embracing her new “life” as a vampire.

We get several hot sex scenes. Chris Evans (as Christian Zumeriz) and Jezebelle Bond play a couple who Lizzie and Jack meet at the club, they take them back to a private room where Evans and Bond have sex on a table in front of them.
Catalina Larranaga also has a sex scene with Evans, as well as scenes with Tristen Coeur D’Alen, Sean Vossler, and April Flowers, who plays a woman Lizzie meets at the club.
Renee Rea has scenes with Vossler, Coeur D’Alene, and M.R. Rzeznik, who plays a man she meets at the club.
There’s also a solo striptease/masturbation scene by Katie Lohmann.

The scenes are all hot, and also a bit more explicit than you typically see in softcore. Especially the opening scene with Evans and Bond, I’d swear that looks like a hardcore scene that was edited to cut out the penetration. We get clear shots of Evans’ penis and testicles. And we also get close-up shots of Bond, Rea, and Lohmann’s vaginas.

A good film, worth watching. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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