This film was released in September 2002, just 8 months after the 2nd film in this little trilogy was released. Robert Kubilos returned to direct, with Remington Underwood writing this script. Tristen Coeur D’Alene returns in the role of Jack (credited as Tristan Edwards), but this time the role of Jennifer is played by Chelsea Blue, who is the most attractive of the three actresses to play this character, in my opinion.

Jennifer and Jack aren’t doing so well as a couple, since we last saw them. The film opens with Jennifer being chased on the street by a police officer after apparently robbing a blood bank. She makes it back to the cheap motel that she and Jack are staying at, where he admonishes her for being careless, as he says they need to be careful while they try to settle down in this new city, as they don’t want to draw attention to themselves. He mentions plans for opening a hostel, which he believes will give them access to fresh willing young victims, but she argues with him as she’s bored with how they’re living. This leads to a fight in which she shoves him outside during the daytime and he burns to death in the sunlight.

So much for that romance.

Jack’s death gets caught on a security camera. Glen Meadows plays a newspaper reporter who sees the video and investigates it as a story of spontaneous combustion. This leads to him crossing paths with Jennifer, whom he’s instantly attracted to and starts to pursue, despite having a casual relationship with his coworker Anna (Tiffany Shepis).

Ty Winston (who I recognize from an episode of Beverly Hills Bordello where he was credited as Nicholas Grant, and another movie where he was credited as Robert Knowlton, so who knows what his actual name is?) plays Victor Chamberlin, a reclusive real estate millionaire who hosts lots of secret parties. It turns out that he’s a centuries-old vampire, and he senses Jennifer’s presence in the city. Mia Zottoli is his loyal assistant and lover Ivy. She desperately wants him to turn her into a vampire, but he refuses, saying she’s more valuable to him as a mortal.

I’m just going to kind of skip to the end here, and say that overall I found this story to be convoluted, and maybe even more boring than the first film. This film is an hour and 40 minutes and a lot of it just drags on. There’s some plot about how Jennifer discovers she may be a rare special type of vampire, who can survive in the sunlight and control other vampires or something. But this only happens after her first solar eclipse after being turned, and coincidentally there’s a solar eclipse coming in 4 days. But she also has the chance to regain her mortality, if a mortal falls in love with her before that. So she faces this moral conundrum of whether to choose power or love and a normal life. I checked out by the last half hour, and I was just skipping forward to the sex scenes.

Chelsea Blue is in four scenes, she has one on one scenes with Tristen Coeur D’Alene, Glen Meadows, Ty Winston, and Sasha Peralto, who plays a random woman that Jennifer seduces (and bites).
Glen Meadows also has a scene with Tiffany Shepis.
In addition to his scene with Blue, Ty Winston has one on one scenes with Shepis, Mia Zottoli, and Amy Facklam, who plays a woman he seduces.
And there’s a lesbian scene between Holly Hollywood and Victoria Zena, who play two women at one of Victor’s parties that he and Jennifer watch have sex and then bite afterward.

The sex scenes are hotter than the first film, but not quite as hot as the second film. It also has some decent special effects, like the previous films. But despite all that, and the great cast, the story just wasn’t engaging enough for me I admire the ambition of the project, although it would have been even better if they could have gotten the same actress to star as Jennifer in all three films, but ultimately the trilogy went out with a whimper rather than a bang.

Chacebook rating: THREE STARS

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    • There’s definitely potential here for a good remake, especially now that be planning three films from the start, rather than making it up as they want along. Having a single actress play Jennifer in all three films would be an improvement, just for the sake of continuity. I love Christine, I could also see Erika Jordan or Sarah Hunter in that role.


    • I don’t know, that’s not really the kind of post I’m interested in making. I’ll just say I think the hottest softcore lesbian sex scene ever is Nikki Fritz and Daneen Boone on the Beverly Hills Bordello episode “Drawing The Line.” After that is probably Erika Jordan and Christine Nguyen’s last scene in Baby Dolls Behind Bars.


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