ZANE’S THE JUMP OFF episode 4: Playing The Field

In this episode, Dmitri is spending more time with Lauren, his old friend whom he reconnected with in the previous episode. She takes him to an event for a charity she works for, to have him speak to underprivileged kids about chasing their dreams. She introduces him to a young man named Harris Jones (Gregg Wayans, yes of THE Wayans family), he’s a football player, either in high school or college, with dreams of making the pros like Dmitri. He will be a significant character later. What’s questionable is the status of Dmitri’s “situationship” with Brenda. She came over to his house to surprise him while he was there with Lauren, and he basically kicked her out. But later we see him wake up in bed with her, after dreaming about having sex with Lauren.

We see Spencer with Jennifer again, where it’s mentioned that they’ve been seeing each other for six months, and the subject of whether they’re serious or not briefly comes up. We learn that Jennifer is a professional gambler, so she travels a lot, and is set to go to Vegas in a few days. At his radio show, Nandi announces her upcoming reality dating TV series, which Spencer mocks as a waste of time.

Gabriel and Aspen have dinner at a restaurant with Sabrina and Chandler. Sabrina brings up Chandler’s refusal to help Earnest get a job, again bringing up that Chandler had a role in the money-laundering scheme that got Earnest sent to jail. When the other couple arrives, the subject of women cheating with other women comes up, which seems to plant a bug in Gabriel’s mind (this will come up in future episodes).

Earnest and Woody finally have it out, when Earnest confronts Woody about why he’s been so cold to him. Woody accuses Earnest of living off of Dmitri, and Woody rightfully points out what a hypocrite he is since the’s the one who’s been working at Dmitri’s club all these years and is now crashing at his house. Earnest later calls Portia, asking to meet, but she declines. Later at the club, an unnamed customer played by Grace Chavez aggressively flirts with Earnest, and he takes her to his room to have sex.

Another solid episode, it also had some good little moments like all the men playing volleyball on the beach together. It stresses how this show is based on the lives of male characters, which is unique in softcore. Like Zane’s books, this show is aimed at women, specifically Black women, so all the men are eye candy and the show always gives opportunities for them to show off their bodies. And we get three hot sex scenes, including the one with my favorite softcore actress Erika Jordan, so I’m happy.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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